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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wooley99, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I tried this for a few days in the renovation forum but didn't get any replies. I hope I have better luck here.

    This weekend I'll pre-m my yard. Partly because I spent the last several winters away a fairly big portion of the yard (12x25-ish) is completely overrun with crabgrass. Assuming the pre-m works (In the past, including last fall, I've had good success with pendamethalin although I will have to look at barricade and see if I even have whatever it takes to put it down) Anyway, I'll have a bunch of sand in a high traffic portion of my centipede lawn (decline and missed maintenance is how the crabgrass got started to begin with). I'll need to sod with either centipede or St. Augustine. Will either be effected by the pre-m? Does anyone have any preference/suggestions for high-traffic, full-sun southern lawn?

  2. RAlmaroad

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    Post read is a little confusing. Are you asking will new sod be affected after pre-em is put down? Or, are you asking which is better for high traffic and full sun areas? Neither St. Augustine nor Centipede really like full sun. Zoysia is best for that so I've been told and do not know much about it. You might research it. Sod is stressed enough without the pre-em application. Anyway the high watering required of sod for the first two week would leach most of it out anyway. If is it just a small area, cover the new sod with a tarp and put down your Barricade (Stonewall from Lesco). Both are prodiamine. Before sodding, kill off that crabgrass with glyphosate (Commerical Round-up) and wait for a month before sodding.
    I've never had any luck with Pendimenthan (can't even spell the stuff). Barricade does well and so does Dimension .21
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    Pendimethalin is a "root pruner" so it will affect new sod. Just depends on when you put it down. Maybe put a starter fert on first, then Pendi later on.
  4. fertguy2008

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    Ronstar can be applied in conjunction with new sod plantings but it is only supposed to be used on commercial sites.
  5. RAlmaroad

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    I ment to say high traffic. Both like full sun. This happens when you're reading too early.
    Post above is correct. As a matter of fact; most pre-ems are root prunners. If you do a split application, be careful with that second application when the grass is growing vigorously
  6. Whitey4

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    Tupersan is OK with zosia, but not for any other warm season grasses that I know of. It's a bit pricey too. If crabgrass is the target, this stuff works.
  7. ted putnam

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    When I've had a customer want to add sod to an area that I have sprayed with pre-emergent for whatever reason. I've told them to lightly till the soil down at least 3 inches, rake it out, lay the sod and call me. I then apply Lesco 5-10-31. I tell them to water it thoroughly. Unless the sod is dormant, It usually roots very quickly. Never had a problem!
  8. wooley99

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    Thank you all. I want to avoid pruning new roots so once again you're a font of useful info. I think it will be pre-m this month, glypho at green-up, out with the dead, sod to follow. If that doesn't work I'll call Cemex.
  9. tgnb

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    Excellent advice! That's what I tell my customers. Check the soil in your area to see what NPK to apply. Around here we never have to apply phosphorus because the soil is loaded to start with. Yours probably has a personality of its own, too.

    As far as full sun and high traffic... nix on centipede (poor traffic tolerance), zoysia may last a while, but will succumb to really heavy traffic, bermuda is spot on, and St Aug will handle moderate traffic and full sun (but be ready to do chinch bug control at least twice, depending on how hot and dry you are and for how long during the summer). I've had great luck with full sun and St Aug, as long as the homeowner kept it at least 3 inches high and took our chinch bug control.

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