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sod and sprinkler system


LawnSite Member
Eastern KS
I've been laying sod for the past several years, however I have never laid it when a sprinkler system was involved. my question is, do i need to just cut holes around the sprinkler heads, or will i need to raise all of the heads?? please help
thank you


LawnSite Senior Member
Calgary, Alberta
If the irrigation installer knew that sod was going to be laid (as opposed to grass seeded), he should have left the heads sticking up a tiny bit so that they would be at the right height once the sod went down.

Just cut around the heads and you should be fine.


LawnSite Senior Member
hopefully they're all flagged so you dont miss any. But I would still turn them on first to double check that they are all flagged.

it's pretty annoying having to go back to cut around a sprinkler head because the sod guy missed a couple heads and now they are buried.

dont forget about the valve boxes.