Sod and Sprinklers

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by landscapingpoolguy, Apr 14, 2004.

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    Hey guys,

    I have a sod job to do and the customer has a sprinkler system....After planting many plants on the site I have come to realize that the pipes are only about 1 - 2 inches under the ground...I wanted to till the exsisting lawn before I lay the sod but I do not want to destroy her sprinkler system.What else can I do to prep the ground for sod other then tilling? I have called the sprinkler guy to come mark the pipes and heads but he has not returned my calls. This must be done by Saturday.

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    Sounds like someone installed the sprinkler system too shallow.No wonder he isn't returning your call.Wonder what he planned on when someone drives over the pipes?
    Can you set the depth on your tiller?I know I can set the depth on both of my rear tine tillers.Set it shallow and scar the surface.Maybe work in some topsoil with it.Then lay your sod.I know years ago I laid some sod and just scratched the surface with a Manits like tiller.Sod's still there and growing.It's in my lawn.
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    lol i dont know if the tiller is hight adjustable i rent them....the last one i rented was but it still digs in at times. I dont want it to dig in on a pipe tho.....Just about every site ive come across with sprinklers has the pipes 3 inches and no deeper under the ground....I cant stand when sprinkler guys do this...I come from a swimming pool background and just about every pipe I ever installed is at leats 18" deep...How do sprinkler guys get away with it?


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