sod, before or after sprinkler install?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fga, May 28, 2006.

  1. fga

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    first time in awhile having a situation like this. i have to do a simple sod install, a small front, about 600 sqft. i have to till the front lawn that is there, and add about 2 yards of soil.
    no sweat, can have it done, with sod, by lunch.
    the guys having a sprinkler system installed in the front yard, on 6/12.

    do i do my job, and let this guy rip up his channels, and risk having to replace it?
    or let him go first, and risk damging a head while prepping the area, and hope they come out the right height... being i am adding soil?

    the safest way, i know, would be to prep it, let him lay the system, then come back and sod..

    but that sounds like alot of effort for a small job.

    any opinion?
  2. Cahsking

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    AFTER! I wouldn't prep till he finished.
  3. Mowgli

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    Let say, On June 1, I lay sod on you lawn and on June 6, a guy came in and install sprinkler system. If the sod is being damage, the sprinkler guy should fix it. Don't you think? In fact, it should be easy for him to just rip up sections of the sod and put it back when he finish.

    If it was me, i would go first.
  4. Lawnworks

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    You can't put in the sprinkler system? If so, you could probably give him a better deal on doing both at once.

    The way I like to do it is put the irrigation in first and just run the funny pipe up a foot above the ground, prep it, flush it, then put the heads in, and then sod it.

    If you do the sod first, I think the finished product will suffer.

    If you doing the irrigation is out of the question, I think prepping it first would be ideal... but if you have already given the estimate and have not taken this into consideration... well that would stink.
  5. drmiller100

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    put it to grade, prep teh soil, plant sprinklers, plant sod.

    if you can't do it in this order,then don't do it.
  6. AGLA

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    DrMiller put it about as simple and direct as it gets. You can't set a head without knowing the finish grade. You shouldn't put in sod that is to be irrigated without the irrigation. You are not going to run a pipe puller through new sod without wrecking it. A trencher is going to put subsoil on top of it and then the trench will likely settle after the fact. It is pretty much a one way answer.

    DrMiller must have a good U of Idaho education like me.:drinkup:
  7. Duck Dodger

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    I thought this was a no brainer. Of course the sod needs water from the irrigation system. Would you like to be the irrigator having bid the job then show up with the added labor cost of moving your sod out of his way?
  8. Dirty Water

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    We are a irrigation company. We go first install everything but the heads, instead we just run an extra foot of funny pipe up. Then the landscaper comes in, grades with their machinery and lays sod. We then just flip back the sod by the funny pipe tail, dig down 10" and install each head.

    Best of both worlds, because we don't have to worry about landscapers busting heads with their harley rake, and they don't have to worry about us tearing up their new sod.
  9. AWJ Services

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    I am with Dirty Water.
    I prep the ground then the irrigation is roughed in with stubs.
    I then cordinate with my Irrigation guy for him too show up with the sod and everything is covered.He puts the heads on while we are laying the sod.
    Gives him time too set everything and also time for me to make sure the grass gets wet.

    Also the heads do not usually cause a problem if they are installed near the edges.

    It always seems that if the Irrigation guys use a trencher and has too deal with the sod there always seems to be a problem later of the trenches settling.It is hard to pack the trenches.
  10. Dirty Water

    Dirty Water LawnSite Fanatic
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    We usually install the rough in before any prep work, saves the client a good bit of money because we don't have to do a good finish grade at all (leave rocks on surface, uneven etc...) because the landscaper will being doing a complete regrade anyways.

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