sod being killed by dog!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tr672, Aug 18, 2007.

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    First time on Forum. As my title suggests my wife's cocker spaniel is peeing all over my back yard and killing the grass. The dog is killing the grass slowly but surely in little circles of 6" diameters! I'm thinking of killing the dog secretly, but I'm worried I'm might be discovered! Assuming I can gate the area off from the dog I will replace the sod (about a 500 sq ft area). I've already replaced certain sections which the dog has quickly killed (She likes to pee on new grass!) My questions is: Before I start ripping out the old spotty sod can I simply top dress the old sod with a sufficient amount of top soil and lay the new sod on top of the old? It's a pain in the butt to rip out the old sod, but I will do it if necessary. I heard of "top dressing" somewhere in this forum and I was wondering under what conditions it was successful. Right now the area I'm re-sodding doesn't get a lot of sun so the grass is challenged at best, even in ideal conditions.

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    Don't be so anal about your grass. Dogs need to pee and have space.
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    exactly... but why are you ripping it out if its small patches. You speak nothing about what kind of grass it is or I missed that part.

    We spot patch all the time.. small areas like that we simply turn with a shovel and take a tad out and cut a new piece of sod to fit it.

    Build a dog run if your that worried about it. I am pretty sure with you whinning about the grass and dog then the dog turns up dead she will figure it out. Besides... The dog is just doing its natural business. Be glad its in your lawn and not in your bed or home. Not like the dog is digging it up or being destructive
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    I've had the same problem for the last couple of years with my two pointers. I finally had enough and decided to try the supplements that you can buy from a pet store. There is one brand called "Green Ums" that are supposed to be good and I'm using "Nutri-Vet Green Grass" that I got at Petco. I'm on the first couple weeks so we'll see how it goes.
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    I have to agree this is a very irritating problem. I take care of the lawns at a condo where we live. Two neighbors refuse to obey the rules and let their dogs pee at will. As an organization, we spend plenty of money irrigating and treating weeds, ferilizing, etc. only to see these folks leave areas near their residences looking like a moonscape. One of them told me when I complained that they've tried the pills and they wouldn't work. What really bothers me is how lazy they are since they only have to walk about 30 yards to an area that is woodsy and would affect no one.
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    Dan that is a totally diff situation than in this guys own back yard. They own the dog... its thier property. In your situation the people should be cited and billed for repairs. If your pet causes damages your liable for them. This other guy is talking about murdering an animal who is thier reponsibility and only doing natures business. This would be like your mom whackin ya or having you rubbed out for peeing on the seat or wall when your a kid. After all.. You only had to take a leak and did it where you were supposed to with a few minor correctable side effects. If your going to take the responsibility of having a pet or being with someone who has a pet then be prepared to accomidate the needs of owning a pet. You cant just go murder it for taking a leak.

    As I said above. Build a dedicated area for the dog to use. Cockers are smart. Train it to go in this one area or fence in a small area.
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    Lighten up! I was just kidding about killing the dog. I'm just a little frustrated that the female cocker (their urine is allegedly more potent) is killing the lawn faster than I can replace it. If she does "it" three times a day that's 3x7 = 21 areas/week I have to replace. I've tried to tell my wife that she should train the dog to go in another area, like I've done with my boxer, but she says, much like you guys, that I'm being overly restrictive! Give me a BREAK! The area is the one area I'm trying to keep up and the dumb dog has to pee on it every day! I don't think it's to much to ask to get the dog to pee somewhere else, then again my wife can be pretty stubborn! (She likes to say something to me like "Let the dog be free...." What are we talking about here Elsie the Lioness being free on the savannah?

    Anyway.. the sod I bought is from Home Depot and seems to do rather well if the dog doesn't pee on it! My original question was: if I could top prep some of the ragged, spotted areas with top soil, rake it in with a hard tine rake and lay sod over it, would the grass take?

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    Well now that you tell us you have a boxer you are cool with us again. Yes just remember it has shallow roots that cannot be allowed to dry out. It helps to break up the underlying soil to give the roots something to bite in.Roots cannot grow through air so sod to soil contact is the most critical factor in successful establishment. In large areas you need to roll it in small give it a pat with a flat shovel after wetting it down. Can she walk the dog out front and let it even its toxic pee over a larger area? What if you graveled in a square and stuck a fake fire hydrant in it? Doesn't she have a neighbor she dislikes and can use her dog's pee to destroy their yard? Fortunately I have two males and they like to spread it out marking various spots. For the sake of your marriage you may have to pretend her cocker is Tiger Woods and you are repairing divots behind him.
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    Females tend to burn the lawn becuase they void in one area to empty their bladder, Males will sprinkle it around to mark their territory. Generally I've heard the pills you buy don't work. DO NOT feed your dog tomato juice. It's supposed to help dilute their urine, but all that does is add salt to their diet and make them drink more water which makes them urinate more.

    Here's some ideas that might be helpful.

    Find out from Home Depot what type of grass it is and have a bag of seed handy so you can cut out those areas, add a bit of compost, mix it into the soil, seed, topdress with 1/4" more compost and keep watered.

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    You need to be careful with just top dressing then dropping sod on top. Your lawn could become pretty bumpy.

    Just take a 5gal bucket out there with you... small shovel of dirt out and plop some sod down after you have losened the soil.

    A dog run will satisfy the training issues. Why wait on your wife to train the dog (sounds like she has you trained to replace the sod pretty good) You should train the dog yourself if it means that much to you.

    Try walking her out on a leash to the area you want her to use for a week. If that doesnt work let her go and if she sniffs in the sod area carry her to the area you want her to go in. If your boxer is claiming that area she may or maynot want to use it depending how they get along.

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