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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cclllc, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I was wondering how deep a sod cutter will go.I have a job where the grass needs to be removed and gravel replaced next to a commercial building. I was thinking of using a bobcat but no bigger than it is a sod cutter should do fine.We are probably talking of an area of about 3' by 300'.
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    We've used Sod cutters all the time to cut out beds or come back in and cut waterways quik. Just remeber you can cut once at any depth, remove material then come back in for another pass at the lower grade.
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    Word of caution...

    If you do set the Sod Cutter at 3 inch depth, having some type of machine with a bucket to load the cut sod will be your friend. I recently had a job about the same size as you just mentioned and did a deep sod cut thinking it would be a clean way to start with a fresh palette as there were hardscapes and plant life tightly formed around the turf. Well the sod cutter did it's job but when I decided to start rolling the sod I found out just how heavy it was even in standard cut sizes. For example, that 3 x 300 area with a 3 inch cut is equivalent to about 8 yards of soil and it's a pain to shuffle around by hand even when cut into small pieces.

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