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Sod damage from grubs


LawnSite Senior Member
S/W Ohio
I just finished an install where the lawn looked green and lush. When I started pulling pipe though, the sod would tear badly and basically peel away in big pieces. No root depth at all. After cutting out a section for example to put in a tee, where on other yards I could lift out the sod by pulling up on the grass, on this yard it would just take the sod right off the undersoil (heavy clay). The lawn has been installed for 8 years.

Grubs were everywhere, so I suspect that is the problem. I'm concerned that the lawn on my next install has the same problem. Is there anything that can be done to minimize the damage? After every run of pipe I have to go back down the seam and try to get the "sod" pieces back in. I'm using a Ditch Witch 255sx. If I have the blade all the way down to where the little "feet" are close to the grass, the tearing is actually worse since the sod then just bunches up and rips out even worse.


Thanks in advance!


Dirty Water

LawnSite Fanatic
Redmond, WA
The 410sx has a rolling sod cutter that keeps the blade from tearing the sod. Since the 255sx doesn't have one, you can do the next best thing, but it takes two people.

While you have an operator driving the plow, have someone else use a D-handled spade to cut the sod directly infront of the blade.

We did this on our VP 12 pulls when the grass tore like you describe.