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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mcwlandscaping, Aug 14, 2006.

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    basically, one lady ive always done work for wants her backyard redone. I have the job, but, we need to find away around a problem first. She wants the current turf ripped up, all landscape ripped out, new landscapes installed and the backyard sodded. All work i can do with no problem. However, she has dogs, which i and she knows will have to stay off the new turf for around 3 weeks so it can get a good, healthy start. Her dogs tend to dig around a bit in the current backyard. Im just wondering, from anyone elses experience, has anyone run into a problem of the new turf possibly being dug up by burrowing dogs? Ive noticed that there has been a decline in their digging but, i think that's only because of the cooler weather. anyone have any suggestions, ide hate to have the customer drop all this money and then it all go to waste. I hope ive made my situation clear enough!

  2. dvmcmrhp52

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    If the dogs like to dig they simply need to stay off until the sod has set otherwise you're wasting your time.

    New sod can be moved by mowing much less by earthen critter crater creaters..........

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    Here ya go. build you a little bunker in the corner of the yard with this thing and set up post for a couple of weeks. That should rid the yard of the digging or the dogs or both.

  4. crab

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    contract!.excluding acts of dog,no god .
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    Just do a good job, takes pics of your before and after work and give them to her to show how nice of a job you did. Then if the dogs rip up the new sod and you have to come back out to fix her poor training habits and make more money, then that is her problem. Your only there to give her a nice yard, not keep track of her dogs
  6. evergreenedmond

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    if you put the dogs poo in the holes they will quit digging in that area or you could tell her to take the little critters to doggy school & teach them to stop digging
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    I had a very similar project and what we did was temporarily fence off half the yard did half the job, waited 4 weeks and did the other side.
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    Man, that made me laugh:clapping: :clapping:
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    I had some sod that was down in my yard for about 2 monthes and the dog ripped it out. If the dog wants something...he will get it!

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