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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by dsikaras, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. dsikaras

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    I have a sod estimate and am not sure how to price it. The area is just 385 sq ft, but the client would like us to remove 6 in of soil and replace it. I am estimating we will need 40 pieces of sod and about 7 yards of soil. I get sod at about $1.89 per roll and top soil at $21.50 per yard. How long do you think this would take a 3 man crew? What price do you think I should quote him. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. TurnerLawn&Landscape

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    Why does your customer want to remove 6" of soil? Around here a skid of sod covers roughly 400 sq ft. I would go ahead and get a whole skid, add your mark-up on sod and soil...... do you have to remove the lawn? for sod soil and labor i would be around $800-$900
  3. jhouchins

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    I would be around $750-$850. Do you have a machine to remove the 6 inches?
  4. dsikaras

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    Currently there is very little grass on the soil. Customer wants to remove the soil cause he has tried sodding and seeding the area before with poor results. He thinks its the soil. I don't have a machine to remove the 6 inches of soil, just figured we'd do it manually. Do your prices include disposal of the current soil? We get charge around $60 per ton. Figured the 7 yards of soil we pick up would cost us $420 just to dump.
  5. lukemelo216

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    whats the area like? Is it under a tree or in shade? your not going to have good luck like that. You will take out about 7 or 8 yards of soil from the lawn in doing so, but you will need more than that to replace it. remember that soil your taking out is solid and packed down, the new soil wont be so it will settle and make the new area actually lower than the existing lawn. Heres what i would do.

    Get a toro dingo or something similar with the harley rake attachment and bucket. scrap off like 2 inches of soil with the bucket. Then take the harley rake and work the soil to get it nice and loose. Dump about 2 yards of compost on there and mix is with the soil. final grade it to be a little less than 1 inch under the lawn surrounding it. (With all the water and such the lawn will sink a little bit. spread some starter fertilizer around the soil and put your sod down and water.

    taking out the 2" will take about 30 minutes, harley rake, compost and final grade another 30 minutes and 2 guys could have that sod laid out and cut in less than 1 hour (depending on the amount of cutting needed)

    Simple job. But do not take out 6" of soil. Thats just not smart. A little amending to the soil to get some more nutrients to it and it will be good.
  6. AzLawnMan

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    I had a customer recently that wanted to remove 3 inches of soil in order to add sod, I advise against it because there simply is no need to remove the soil. After I gave him the price just to remove and grade the soil he said "lets just lay the sod on top, it should be good that way." If you properly prep the soil and get good sod, you shouldnt have any problems. But if they insist on the removal, mark it up alot and make sure you make it hard for them to say yes, if they say no then the job is that much easier for you, if they say yes, well then its well worth your time. I get sod for $3.62 for a 10sqft roll and I charge $7.50 a roll for sod and labor. But I also charge for multch, gypsum, fertilizer and delivery. Dont go to crazy with the multch though, you put too much and your sod will be wavy and wont be even.
  7. Bogielski

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    should take you about 2 hours to complete. the area you will be working with is around 20' X 20' (440 sq. ft.).

    I would use my tractor and dig out the 6'' and dump in our dump truck. Hauling fee + disposal for us is $45.00 per ton. Sod for that area is $155.00 installed.

    total job cost + profit margin i would estimate at no more than $600.00. I would actually charge $490.00 but i figured you would want more than 200 in profit. at 600 your looking at 310 in profit. well at least for us anyway.
  8. ajslands

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    Around here a pallet covers 700 sq ft. So a full pallet for 400 sq ft would be a little excessive.

    Why do they want you to take out 6"
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  9. ajslands

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    run up to the rental shop and grab a skid ster, get a Harley rake too and if you feel like it, get a few yards of top soil.
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  10. Bogielski

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    wow, he wouldnt make any money if he had to rent equipment. It wouldnt be worth the money to rent for such a small job.

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