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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TMGL&L, Apr 14, 2008.

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    Roughly how long does it take you guys to lay sod. The area to be sodded is about 30 feet from the nearest delivery location which will add time to the project. Additionally, I will have to prep the area by possibly tilling it and raking it smooth. I cant afford to add compost or mushrom soil because this will raise the sod above the grass that surrounds it creating a lip. I'm going to estimate an extra hour and a half for preperation. But what I need to know is approximate time to lay 2500 square feet of sod.

    I understand the description is vague however an estimate of man hours and square feet is what I'm looking for.

    Any valid input is greatly appreciated.
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    I just layed 600 sq ft. I had a situation where I had to transport the sod from my truck as well. To do this, I:

    1. Cleaned up the area nicely (was previously a playground)
    2. Tilled in both directions
    3. Raked smooth with a steel rake
    4. Rolled with a lawn roller
    5. Layed the sod
    6. Rolled with a lawn roller in 2 directions.

    Start to finish it took me 3 hours. Doesn't include getting the sod. It's labor intensive to do it right.


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