sod in the rain sux..

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fga, May 1, 2005.

  1. fga

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    here's some pics i took yesterday of one of my commercial accounts.
    normally, a sod job wouldn't be a big deal, but i underestimated the prep work, and the rain was a killer..
    what would you have charged for this, not foreseeing rain either.
    we had to rip out approx. 500 sq ft of perrenials (keep in mind there is a dumpster in the rear to use), and lay down approx, 850 sq ft sod, and to throw down about 20 bags of soil (it didn't need much or any, i just wanted to add some fresh topping), lime ,starter fert.... 1 day
  2. Harry0

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    $1200-$1500-would be my guess.Is that Lirope you pulled out?
  3. kris

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    Adam ...everyone has different material costs, overhead, what % they are willing to take for profit etc etc etc.

    What is more important IMO is to share with members here ....the man hours it took you to do the job ...from the setup in the morning till you got home and cleaned off your truck at night.

    People will learn more from that than anything else .... keep track of production hours on everything you do and you will have a great data base for the future.

    It looks like you did a great job cleaning up in those conditions and the end product looks good!
  4. fga

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    this job total was $1310. so, north-east rates do stay similar, huh? :)

    thanks for the compliment. like i said, i know its just sod, but this was a tough prep for me, especially in the rain.
    somehow i wound up with extra sod, so i had some solo man hours on my sunday off unloading my truck. i got to sod a small piece of my yard over.
    and the perennials, i ripped out way more then i though, (don't know what i was thinking), i had to unload that also, that i didn't want to overfill their dumpster... but i got to replant alot of them and out line a fenceline, so yeah more hours then i thought, technically, but i got some freebie materials from it. :angel:
  5. fga

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    yeah, that was lirope. it get's these small purple flowers.
    do you ever have trouble pronoucing that? i hardly ever work with this, but i have heard it pronounce several different ways :)
  6. PbInvestor

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  7. sheshovel

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    Great work looks good!It's almost always gonna be more prep than you think it will!!!

    Lirope is pronounced like... laa- rye- oo- peee
  8. orionkf

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    Pb got it right. It's pronounced just like it's spelled, liriope. Probably THE most mispronounced and misspelled plant around, even by the pros, probably just because it is so commonly used. It also has a lot of common names. Most people around here call it monkey grass, but I've also heard it called spider grass, spider plant, aztec grass, and I'm sure there are others.

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