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    I have a 8000 sq foot lawn i started to mow and it needs to be resodded the lady is trying to do it as cheap as possible so has anybody ever just sprayed the grass "weeds" and laid the new sod over and it was alright or what about tilling it the yard has alot of crabgrass which is dieing on its own any thoughts would be appreciated
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    That would be around 18 or so pallets. There is no "cheap" way to do it. I use a tiller on small jobs (up to around 5 pallets), then rake out the debris. But it is hard to get it perfectly graded after tilling it. For a job as big as yours, I would bring in a tractor and rake/box-blade. I have no eperience of sodding over grass and weeds, but I would assume it wouldn't work to well. You might be able to get away with it if you spray it, wait for it to die completely, then mow it as low as possible. If you do it this way, post back here and let us know how it works out.
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    I have done them that way, up to about 2k sq ft. Spray it, wait about 7 days and spray any new emerging growth, then do it again in about another week. It will look pretty bad for a few weeks though. I'd probably pass on doing 8k that way though. I'm not a big fan of roto-tilling Florida soils. My experience is that it causes more problems on re-sods than it's worth. If the damage and takeover by crabgrass was from chinch bugs or insufficient water, you'd likely gain nothing by just tilling it.

    Now a warning. There are sod farms that grow it and install it for less than I would ever be willing to touch it for. These days I have a very few customers that I would be willing to do up to 6 or 7 pallets for. But rest assured, if they price shopped the job they would find a lower price. I honestly just do not think that you can compete if the customer is looking for the bottom dollar price. Think about it carefully before getting involved. Scheduling sod for delivery for a time that suits you. Having everything ready to go. Getting it down quickly. And the biggest thing, ultimately taking responsibility for sod that you have $2000 or more tied up in. When I look at a job like that, I want to know that I made enough that I could replace it all if I had to. And that ain't gonna win you the low bid :) And if it is in a relatively shady area, run, don't walk away.
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    Everything that Keith said! If it were me I'd sub it out to a sod company, tack on several hundred for the inconvience of coordinating the install and that's that. And no matter what way you do it you're going to have some "cranky old neighbor" come over and tell her that so-and-so could have done it cheaper.

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    Thanks for the info guys is there a sod farm here you would recommend to use and I will have them shoot me a quote she isn't real cheap just they have had some bad luck lately with a break-in at their house and office all within 2 weeks and she has to redo her sprinklers that is why the grass plus she had chinch bugs her yard gets alot of sun not one tree.:)
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    Call A. Duda and Sons and see if they can help you out. The nearest location for you is probably Oviedo. 407-365-2189. I don't know if they install, but I have bought sod off and on from Duda for 20 years. If you need an installer they can probably help you find one. If you really want to attempt it yourself, they usually have a flat-rate delivery charge. There is a user here on ls, jas4906 , that I have seen quoting prices on St. Augustine both delivered and installed. Might want to search for messages from him and try contacting him. I think he is out south Florida, but does installs in central Florida as well. I do not know the user personally, so that's about all I can tell you.
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    Definitely sub this one. That's a good size job and requires delivery, staging, manpower, equipment, etc and will give you little profits in the end.

    You should be able to get a farm to do it for about $2,000. Charge her $2,300 and be happy you didn't have to break your back. :weightlifter:

    You should be able to find somebody near you here:

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    Thanks guys I am going to get prices at see what happens will let you know how it turns out

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