Sod Install Pricing - 5000 sqft

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by naturescaretaker, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. naturescaretaker

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    Question.... we just installed 5,000 sqft of centipede on a flat preped area. No trees or anything else. We spent 6 man hours re-grading the area before the sod, layed the sod and then fertlized the area lightly. What would you charge?

    The reason for the question is I want to make sure that I am inline with the correct pricing. We were profitable on the job, 43% in fact. A lot of people liked the job and now our phone is ringing off the hook after others have submitted bids. Now I can pick up more work... in fact 5 jobs since Thursday all about the same size. SO I am worried that I am pricing to low. SO what would you charge?



    Here are some pictures:



  2. paponte

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    $5K beans. :)
  3. blafleur

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    About $3000 here, shows the pricing differences in areas. Thats if minimal to no prep.

  4. drsogr

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    If you make 43% percent profit it sounds to me like you are priced right!
  5. mcclureandson

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    $3000 give or take depending on it in one day with two-man crew and myself. Expenses roughly - $1000/sod $200/laborers - take home the rest
  6. naturescaretaker

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    We charged $3200 and two people for 10 hours to lay it out. Sod was 10 pallets @ $905 delivered.

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