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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JohnsonLawn, May 16, 2005.

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    I have already done a search and did not find a answer to my question. I will be doing a install of 3000 sq ft. The exsisting lawn is crap and full of weeds, but I can not use round up to kill it because the house is right on the water and the town would have fit if they saw me spraying at waters edge.Should I use a bobcat and scrape up the exsisting lawn and amend the soil before laying new sod. Also I was thinking of charging $1.00 per sq ft. I get get sod for .29 cents per sq ft delivered. Any input would be great thanks.
  2. nocutting

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    Howdy. weather you scrape, roto till or use a sodcutter we usally charge $1.50 p sq.ft. or if its alot of work we add a surcharge for extra labor and dumping [for 3-5000 sqft it could be another 250-500 bucks] payup
  3. desertrat

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    Use a sod cutter, the rototiller will just make more work, and a bobcat will make even more of a mess. Remove the sod with a sod cutter and just lay the new sod. I would charge $1 to lay the sod and at least a $1 to remove the old sod. Myself and 2 guys could probably do it in a day, or I guess 2 days, because all I can haul in the dump trailer is 3 tons and it may end up being a couple trips.
  4. cuttinjoe

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    1/4 inch layer of screened topsoil then throw the sod down. I've also used the trimmer to burn the grass and weeds. Then layed the sod right on top. You could also rent a little sod cutter and then replace the topsoil.
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    Hello, I agree with desertrat and nocutting, use the sod cutter, if the soil is compacted run an aerator over it and hard rake it smooth. Rototilling can be a nightmare especially if you have a lot of small rocks in your soil. I also apply starter fert and lime to the soil before putting down the sod. As for cost, I'm coming from the golf course business (where I spend other peoples money like a drunken sailor ) so I am also curious what to charge for a job like this.
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    I have tried several ways too remove the lawn before sodding and have settled on my Harley rake as the best solution.I tried a sod cutter but we have hard clay here and if the grade is bad it just makes a mess.
    I harley rake first.
    I then hand rake the loose grass out and dispose of it.It usually is not much because the Harley rake breaks upth grass and seperates it from the soil.
    The ground is graded from the Harley rake.
    Lay sod.3000 sq foot will take 2 guys no more than 3 hours too lay and trim.
    3 guys no more than a days work.2 guys a long day.1 guy 2 days.

    In Georgia sod ranges from .26 cents a foot up to .40 cents a foot.
    Installation on bare ground without lawn removal is around .25 cents a foot for a smaller job like this.
    I then determine the time too remove exsisting lawn.Depends on access,hills,utilities etc.

    1.00 dollar a foot will be a good price in Georgia.
    I would have around 500 in materials and around 300 in labor.
    That would net me 2200 dollars profit minus fuel costs and equipment wear for no more than 2 days work.
    I do however do alot of the work myself saving on labor cost.

    I would like too hear how different this stuff is up North.

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