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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mowerrookie, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. mowerrookie

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    alright guys im going to put my numbers up here and look thru them for me. little info of the job. its about 3,000 square feet of sod to be installed. the area is a slope in the back yard.... and flat in the front... but basically we are fixing the areas were the guys finishing the customers basement tore up the yard and a few deep ruts.

    need about 28 yards of topsoil... average of 3 inches for all year but i figured some areas will need less and others more

    3 bags of starter fert.

    3,000 square feet of sod goes for .17 cents a sq ft.

    sod cutter. $80 dollars a day.... get for 2 days

    ROller: $12

    Cost total:

    28 yards $850 out in a little extra

    Fert $180 (3 bags)

    Sod $620 (3,000 Sq ft.)

    Cutter $160 (2 days)

    Roller $12d

    Materails: $1822

    Total for Job: $2,733 for me and 2 guys (30 hrs)
  2. IntegrityGuy

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    wheres your labor cost? put that up.
  3. mowerrookie

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    10 hours for 2 guys @ $15= 300 for 2 guys
  4. Five points  On. Can

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    What are you using to move 28 yards of soil with, as in do you have to rent a piece of equipment. try rent sod cutter for one day not two, 3 bags of fert for 180? I put fert down at about 5lbs per thousand depending on what it is. So thats 15 lbs, which is less than half a bag. I think last year I paid about 30-35 a bag.I would think you could do it in a day, but only you know that. You also need to look at the big picture, 3000square feet is not that big of a area and almost 3000 to fix up. Sounds a lot, again you would know better than I.
  5. The Elements Group

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    what type of turf are you putting down?
  6. White Gardens

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    28 yards of soil for less than a grand. That's cheap.

    Do you really need all that topsoil, or does the yard need to be tilled really good.

    I'd do the job for no less than 4500 in our area.
  7. limaint

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    At least 1.25sq/ft........
  8. mowerrookie

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    yea the yard Is really rutted up. i mean they got the truck buried to the axles..... but i gave the guy 2 options... for about 11 yards of topsoil or go with 20 cause sum spots we can fix the ruts a little bit with whats there
  9. TexasFire221

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    Im working on a similar proposal today also. Its about 2,500 sqft of sod. The yard has to have top soil. Its just base right now from when they built the house pad. This is my first sod job so any replies would be greatly appreciated. Im trying to figure out my labor time now. The sod will run about $800. The top soil $500, thats two loads of the super great screened soil. There yard only has a few weeds so no need for a sod cutter. Guess I just have to figure out my time now.
  10. yeayea14

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    Did a 3000 sq. ft sod job last year for $2780 but i only used 12 yards of top soil hope this helps.

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