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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dfdsc68, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. dfdsc68

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    how much are you guys getting for sod install per square foot
  2. glaciator

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    That is too baited a question because around here, it is all in the soil prep. I can lay sod on clay for 40 cents/sq. ft., but it will look terrible in 1 years time. I won't make any money doing that either. I charge $1.30/sq. ft. that includes 4 cubic yards of planters mix rototilled in per 1000 sq. ft., plus grading, PLUS 3.3 cubic yards of planters mix per 1000 sq. ft as a 1" cover for final grade and to roll out. So, no fertilizer or aeration for 3 years, and 1/4 the water usage of laying on clay (or clay sprinkled with compost which is what a lot of people end up with).
  3. Dreams To Designs

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    Dave, what exactly is, planter's mix?

    For sod installs, it all depends on your prep work, amount of sod to be laid and availability of equipment to move pallets around if necessary. Material + labor + overhead + profit. In NJ you'll likely get around $1 per square, less for little or no prep and a bit more for tilling in compost and grading.

  4. glaciator

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    Here in CO we have the worst clay imaginable on the plains. Everything needs amending. So, I amend with planter's mix which is usually 60% topsoil, 30% compost (usually chicken or cow manure), and the remaining 10% is usually ground pine bark (to bring up the acidity of the soil as ours is almost always alkaline).
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    I was wondering what you guys get also but figured I would add it in here instead of making a new post.
    I was asked to bid a job for soccer fields- All ground/prep and irrigation install will be done. I have to order the sod, have it delivered then its my labor time to lay it all out. Total amount of sod rolls is 7240 rolls. each roll is a yard.
    What would you guys charge to lay each roll?

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