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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Regular Joe, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Regular Joe

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    I have read alot of the previous posts and have learned that the best method to take an existing fescue lawn up, and sod with Emerald Zyosia, is to use a sod cutter and remove the fescue. Then spray with Herebicide (non-selective), and then in a couple of days, lay sod. The property is about 1700 sq. ft. inside all the beds (curved edges). My question is how do you avoid damaging the sprinkler heads when using the sod cutter, and how do you cut the sod out for the heads to pop up? Sorry for the ignorance, but I am new to the sod industry. Thanks :waving:
  2. Regular Joe

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    I really find this site extremely informative, and i value any input you guys can give. i really don't know how long it will take me to sod cut the existing yard and get it out, disposal fees, or any of this. Anyone?
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    In how bad of shape is the existing lawn? I've sprayed an entire lawn that was in rough shape, brought in dirt, graded and leveled it, then layed sod...but that was the best approach for that particular lawn. Be sure to mark the sprinkler heads with flags. If you don't have the equpiment, subcontract it out.

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    I am just gonna throw this idea out there but for the sprinkler heads, just mark them all and then just go around them with the sod cutter. Then go back and pull up the stuff around the heads by hand! Just an idea, just my 2 cents.
  5. Regular Joe

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    for the dumb question. I know that I should mark and go around. :waving:

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