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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by chambers 38, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. chambers 38

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    So I have a customer how would like to have her front lawn renewed after it has died she is looking to have Bahia grass installed in the front.
    I haven’t measured it just yet planning on that this week, but I am estimating 800 sq ft the front is going to measurer out to.
    Her is the problem I would really like to do the job but I have never laid sod before.
    I have a wholesale sod company that I can get sod for about $45.00 a pallet of bahia at 400 sq ft a pallet est.
    The grass in the front is really dead and not going to come back,
    So what do I do, get a bobcat and remove ½ inch of dead ground, lay down ½ of top soil then the sod??
    Please help.
  2. Supertiger

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    since its still winter time mow the dead grass as short as you can almost to the dirt if the yard is still smooth if not add some sand to the low areas to get a smooth level surface, then just lay the new sod overt the old dead grass that you mowed or scalped to the dirt. this will work just fine if you are neet and keep your sod peices tightly placed. I would charge 50.oo per pallet labor + cost of sod and tax
  3. chambers 38

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    OK great advice, just so I know what about in summer time, what change's
    And dose it matter if the grass that is dead is different from that grass you are installing I,E old was st Augustine new will be Bahia??

  4. Precision

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    do a search on sod laying. I and many others have covered this topic rather well.

    I would suggest rototilling the bahia to loosen the soil Then watering daily for one week to make sure it lives and gets rooted. Then every other day for the next week.

    After that if they want a nice yard they need to irrigate on a schedule. If they don't care then bahia will live through all but the worst drought.

    And how can you tell for sure that the bahia is actually dead. It may be leaf bare this time of year if badly stressed or desparately lacking water.
  5. chambers 38

    chambers 38 LawnSite Member
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    Its the st augestine that is dead, its mostly sand as it is
    Thanks I forgot to do the search first, sorry
  6. Supertiger

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    I would do it in two stages. first use Round Up to kill the existing grass this might take a few days for it to kill and you might have to re apply the roundup if you mist any of the grass. after you seen you got a good kill then use your mower again and mow it to the dirt or as short as possible, then till up the ground lightly you dont want to turn it into farmers feild or you will have to pack doun the soil again also if there is irrigation in the ground you dont want to get deep enough to damage water lines. after the soil is been tild lightly then smooth it out with rakes start laying the new sod. the old grass shouldnt come back since the root system was poisiond with round up and the new sod will block all sunlight from reaching any of the old grass that might have exscaped the tilling or poision.
  7. MarcSmith

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    after having my biz on Orlando. I always hated it when customers would do the "Do it Yourself" with sof. they woudl spray Home Depot roundup and then throw the sod on top of the old so there was no smooth transision from drives and walks to the new sod.

    If you are going to just throw down on top of the old, at least do yourself a favord by cutting the endes down so there is a smooth transition from curbs adn edges to the new sod....

    Also Ask yourself. Why did the Old grass die....

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