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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by swos, Jun 1, 2005.

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    Going to give a bid for 450 palets of St. Augustine and was needing some help. Property will be fully prepared and we will only be laying the sod. We will be purchasing sod for $50-$60 per palet delivered. We will be using 4 helpers. Client was looking for price per pallet delivered and installed. Any suggestions.

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  3. Green Pastures

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    $3 a square yard for installation.....

    I don't know, man that's alot of sod.

    4 helpers is not very much help for that much sod, it'll take you day's to finish.
  4. Gilla Gorilla

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    Are those 600sf per pallets??? If so I wish I could get them up here for that price. The cheapest I can get sod up here is .15 cents per sf which is $90. per pallet plus delivery.
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    Around here a pallet is 400-500 sq ft. so that would be 4-5 acres of sod.

    If you have to ask how to bid it, you can't lay that much sod properly.

    Busting butt and doing it manually with prepositioned pallets 5 people can do 40-60 pallets in a day (flat properly graded terrain). Are you really able to take 8or 9 days to do this, or do you have a faster method?

    I charge $275 per pallet delivered and installed. I am sure some kind of discount would apply for that kind of volume and I doubt someone would pay $120K for sodding. My cost delivered is $105 per pallet although I have never bought more than 10 at a time. You are talking 20 + semi loads of sod.

    your cost for sod is $27,000 Cost for labor @ $10/hr $4500 (with taxes) Profit of at least $10,000 Equipment expenses and the like.
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    We buy sod for 1.50 a roll or 127.50 a pallet and lay it for 3.00 a roll. But that includes prep. Me and the boss can lay a pallet in a 1/2 hour. Today we threw down 16 skids the first 6 we did with just the two of us then some help showed up. The company where we get the sod also runs a crew that lay sod no prep. They get $1 a roll just to lay it. Last sat. 10 guys layed 81 skids in 6 hours. Thats 115 rolls an hour per guy. You say you want to lay 450 skids with four guys, wow, good luck with that. Charge a buck a roll to lay it and you'll make good money. But holy sh$t thats alot of sod.
  7. n2h20

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    you guys get some good prices.. here in so cal. its $.34 a square foot. and a full pallet is a 1000square feet = $340.00 a pallet
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    what farm do you get it so cheap at? how much is delivery?

    just reading this post.:laugh: its been a while since you posted it.:laugh:
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    Southland sod farm in POint wanume.. (sp)?
    delovery is free if its over 500 sq feet.
    ITs been awhile since i posted but its been even longer since i ordered sod..
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    sup it out to someone that can do big rolls.
    you will likk yourself trying to lay that many pallets.

    650 pallets
    5 people can lay 25-30 pallets per day.
    this would take you 20 days minimum to lay this material.

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