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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by BCFLawnLandscape, Mar 5, 2006.

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    Ok, worked many sod jobs before, but never installed one as a biz owner. Let me know if I'm too high or too low.... Also, removing existing lawn before, spray w/roundup. Do you guys think a landscape rake will take it all up? Let me know on that as well.

    Lot size is 90*40=3600 sq. ft.
    my cost for sod: .17 sq ft.
    so $612. for sod cost.
    5 yds. of topsoil $100
    125 for rockhound/landscape rake
    Fuel $75

    8 hours prep time- removal of old grass/adding topsoil. 2 men.
    10 hours install time-2 men.

    So...PREP- Bobcat+ 2 men*8hrs*90 hr (30 hr. for each man)=$720
    Install- 2 men*$30 hr*10 hrs.=$600

    TOTAL $2107 Which still sounds kind of low to me, for 2 days work 2 man crew and a bobcat. Any thoughts? Did I miss anything? I'm tough skinned I can handle criticism!
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    Are you licensed to spray the roundup? We charge $5.00 a yard for sod (includes sod cost of $1.52 a yard) tractor work with oporater $100.00 an hr extra man $37.50 an hr

    Your job.
    sod installed 2000.00 prep 1200.00 ( includes top soil) spray roundup 100.00 fuel cost in tractor rate plus cost of any rentals hope this is helpful

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