1. Truly Beautiful Lawn Care

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    Greetings to all. Tomorrow, I will sit down with a client to discuss a sod job. We are in the planning and budget phase. The issue that I see is that one of her neighbors has Bahia grass that is dominate over her St. Augustine Grass as they meet at there respective property line. The current St. Augustine Grass is dead due to a lack of water and possibly over fertilization.

    1. After I till, grade and lay new sod, will the St. Augustine dominate and maintain the even line pattern or will the Bahia take over?

    Any feedback will be appreciated. She is my best customer and has an extensive list for things to do.

    Thanks, Jay
  2. justanotherlawnguy

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    It should, but Bahia is nearly impossible to completely get rid of. You may have a better chance of succeding doing it in the winter.

    We did a monster sod job this summer where we completely sod cut the yard and dug it up with a bobcat and laid the new floratam and within 2 weeks the bahia had grown through some of the seams. In the summer bahia just grows too fast.

    We usually dont replace Bahia cause it is such a monster to deal with....
  3. kmann

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    The Bahia will creep in come next summer. That stuff is really tough to deal with.
  4. Turf Technologies

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    Since when does Bahia spread?

    Even if it some how endup in here new lawn her spray guy should beable to get rid of it?
  5. justanotherlawnguy

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    Yeah right a lawn spray guy get rid of bahia from a yard around here. Probably not gonna happen. They have more excuses about why they cant get rid of dang near everything:

    We cant treat that this time of year

    Its too cold to spray for that

    Its too hot to spray for that

    Its the wrong time of year to make that application

    Your yard guy cut the grass too high

    Your yard guy cut the grass too short

    Your yard guy does not come enough

    Your yard guy does not come enough

    Yada yada yada and the list goes on.......

    Meanwhile he is spraying watered apps every month, 3 months or however often he is supposed to come...

    Customers are always asking for recommendations for a new spray company and I tell them to do it themselves cause none are worth recommending...

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