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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bobby perez, May 7, 2002.

  1. bobby perez

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    i just gave an estimate on a sod job and want to know if i'm within the industries pricing structure. It was about 800 sq ft. I have to remove the existing sod . I am located in south jersey. The sod is 13 cts a sq ft . I priced it at 440.00 dollars is that in line . thank you for your input.
  2. strickdad

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    that should be right on target.. we just completed one a little bigger with no sod remove and our price was inline with yours...
  3. gusbuster

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    The problem with your question is each area(parts of country) have different material cost, labor cost and dumping fees.

    At the above price,$0.55 per square foot, you would be out of business so fast. Couldn't keep up with operating cost.

    No matter what type of sod (different varietys run from .26 to .35 sq.ft.) I wouldn't and couldn't do that type of job for less than $1.05 -1.25.

  4. PAPS

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    for that job considering your removing old turf first.

    For that job, I would charge (give or take):

    1. 800 sq. ft of sod inst. = $440.00
    2. Removal of existing sod = 2 hr bobcat = $150.00
    3. Dump/truck fee for sod = $125.00
    4. Dress up area w/ topsoil. = (3-4 yrd) = $250.00

    Total = $965.00 ($850-$1000, is what that job is worth
    give or take)
  5. With KBG at .25 + delivery
    Here I would be 1.00 to 1.20 per sq ft. - depending labor needed to move sod/top soil
    Add to that removal/disposal
    $950 to $1150
  6. Always Green

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    Bobby the price changes from county to county here in the good old NJ, in ocean co. you can get sod installed from 30cents a sq.ft. to 40cents a sq.ft then you would have to add in the removal costs,and they could change by how you do it(skid steer or sod cutter)
    I get builders calling me to go to Monmouth co. because they think I'll be cheeper but once I add in for our travel time we're just about the same.
    The only way to charge is to estimate your time and costs and add a%for profit, who cares what other's get to do a job,if you can't do it as fast you'll lose money doing it,and if you can do it faster than everyone else then you'll get most of the work in your area.
  7. bobby perez

    bobby perez LawnSite Member
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    heh guys and girls , thank you for your input . Your expierience and expertise is most helpful. Ijust don,t want to lower the pricing for a job like this in my area, and make it difficult for the pro,s who have been doing it for a while . I also don,t want to under cut myself at the same time.Just looking for that business balance of setting prices. Idid realise the pricing structures in different parts of the country, thats why I put the area ,and the cost of the sod.this way we have real numbers to work with. Again thank you most graciously for your help

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