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sod jobs


LawnSite Senior Member
longisland ny
i never did any sod work before and one of my costumers wants it done for the next season.if theres is any1 that can tell me bassically everything i need about laying sod and what tools i need.and how much do u guys charge putting it down.


LawnSite Member
Prepare existing soil ___ Hrs. 20 Hrs per 10,000#
Place soil and hand grade ___ Hrs. 4 Hrs. per 16 yd load
Apply starter fertilizer ___ Hrs. 1 minute per 1000#
Lay sod, roll and water ___ Hrs.(2.5 hrs per pallet of 55)
Mobilization ___ Hrs.
Sub Total (A) ___ Hrs.

Starter Fertilizer ____ Bags @ $____ (Your Costs)
Sod ____ SY Sod @ $____
Sod Staples (If needed) ____ ea. @ $____
Total (B) ____

Bobcat ____ Hrs. @ $____
Rockhound ____ Hrs. @ $____
Total (C) ____

_____ Hrs Labor @ ___ = A $_____
Materials = B $_____
Equipment = C $_____
Your Cost = $_____
40% GPM x 1.54
Your Bid $_____

My opinion please use as a starting point and modify to fit your needs.