Sod laying and fuel pricing


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I just layed down 400sq feet of fortan sod today, trying to fiqure a price for the job. Spayed roundup to kill carpet grass and raked up dead grass and layed sod, i fiqured about 3 hours work and transport sod to work site. Sure would like see some insite on pricing sod laying. Also, still no rain for 3 months now in south west florida, and fuel prices are $1.57 here, anyone adjusting prices on grass cutting now, due to higher fuel prices? And whats the prices everywhere else for fuel?<br>


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the costomer let you do the job with out a price in ahead of time? i havent done all that much sod work (alot of seeding) so i dont know how much a foot to charge.... i just use my personal methods of figuring out how many hours it will take me... cost of material.... and go from there.


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yes, the customer said &quot; just get it done&quot; so i did it, i cut his grass every week, so, i need to slap on his monthly bill which is going out tomorrow.Have you increased you prices on cutting grass due to higher gas prices?


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Central Florida
For a pallet of Floratam, we charge about $200 if there is little work done to the soil. That is if they need 4 pallets or more, because I can get it delivered. If I have to go get it the price will be higher. The customer could shop around and get it done cheaper, but i don't like sod work enough to drop my price.

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