sod over crabgrass.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by RigglePLC, Aug 29, 2012.

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    At 26 days. Sod laid on crabgrass with no preparation...looks fairly good, crabgrass is rather brown due to dryness and a 39 degree night temp in last few days. A few tiny weeds appeared in sod--probably from the sod farm.

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    They say that, 'Nature Abhors a Vacuum' so anytime a grass plant dies, in the sod, there seems to always be a weed seed ready to germinate and fill that spot...

    What kind of weed was it that germinated this time of year... I know dandelions are actively germinating and getting ready for winter,,, but "What do you have there?" :)
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    The weed is probably Veronica filiformis--normally a spring or winter annual.

    I seeded a nearby thin, burned out area with Pennington "Sun and Shade" which they call a "Premium grass seed mix..." which contains 64 percent perennial ryegrass. Half of it was raked three times and seeded, and the second area was not raked at all--but sowed with three times the usual amount of seed. I counted about 40 seeds per square inch. Neighbor does not sprinkle his lawn. Stay tuned.
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    Sod (bluegrass) was laid over mostly crabgrass with no preparation on August 24. It was not irrigated at first, turned brown, then I began to sprinkle every day. It has recovered and looks fairly good, tacked down, although it was scalped by a mower on each end. White plastic spoons mark the front corners of the sod for better visibility. A few veronica weeds have sprouted in the sod. Now cool; temp today is 44. Crabgrass is collapsing and lawn grass and a bit of tall fescue are recovering.

    In lower photo, seed (Ace, high in perennial rye), was applied in 7 inch circles on top of crabgrass, with no soil preparation nor irrigation. The two circular areas on the right were sown with about 20 times the recommended amount of seed. The four circles to the left had about 4 times the proper amount of seed. The area is about 5 feet from the sod and about 20 feet from a bird feeder that is visited by many sparrows.


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    This proves what I know about Rye grasses (all). It takes way more seed than label recommended to get good results.
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    Sod was laid on top of crabgrass without any preparation. Weather has finally become cool and rainy. I raked a few leaves off the sod section. The corners were marked with white markers. It looks fine to me. A few veronica weeds appeared. Crabgrass surrounding the sod has collapsed and lawn grasses have begun to recover. It appears it is actually possible to lay sod directly over crabgrass, if sod is well watered. Not sure I would recommend it, though.

    The second picture is a lawn in my neighborhood. New soil was hand seeded by the guy in spring. It got hot and dry for 12 weeks. He watered like crazy, but it was a big yard. Most of it died and crabgrass was heavy. He labored many hours to cut out the crab. In this front yard area, he cut out the crab and reseeded in stages in September. I think it looks really nice--at last. Backyard is still horrible.


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    duplicate--darn thing its had to tell if you have already submitted a post.
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    No prep, laid over crabgrass. Rain and cool recently in October.

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    Good result, Riggle. But in 63 days mostly fall, you didn't gain much over just burning it and seeding. It's always fun to experiment. I think you learned how to grow spoons.
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    Here is the sod on April 29th. It looks OK in my opinion. A few clumps of henbit have appeared in the sod. Sod was laid over heavy crabgrass last fall with no soil preparation at all. August 24, 2012. It got dry during a hot spell and was watered until weather cooled off in the fall and winter. Corners are marked with spoons, (which are doing fine.)

    Bonus slides: violets and veronica in bloom--mid April. Separate low quality lawn about 300 feet away.



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