sod over grass?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scott's turf, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. scott's turf

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    One of our customers that we just do mowing for is having sod put down over her existing grass. Have any of you heard of doing it that way. We have done some small jobs and have always prepared the area as if I was going to seed it.
  2. ElephantNest

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    Maybe it depends on the type of grass, but I had some low spots in my front yard, St. Aug., and threw some squares right on top of the grass in the low spots and it filled in within two weeks. Looks perfect.
  3. fga

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    If we're going to be adding soil, we scalp the existing lawn down (depends amount of weeds in existing), add soil, sod. much easier then breaking your back ripping it up, then dumping it. But it depends on why we're replacing the existing grass.
  4. Precision

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    throwing sod over existing grass is like throwing it over a trashbag. good luck getting any roots through before the grass dies.

    I tried that for a client in a small area just to show her why we insisted that she rototill the yard first. Now she knows and is very happy she paid the extra money to have the prep done right.

    the rototilled area is healthy, green and looks great. the other part is splotchy, stunted growth, full of weeds and half dead. Glad we only did 20 sq feet like that. Rototilling that up soon.
  5. primecutmo

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    did it once before. worked ok but not great. much cheeper and easier though. filled in the bare spots later with seed

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