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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by MOTES, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. MOTES

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    I was hoping someone can give me an idea of pricing per square foot for sod. I'm plan on laying sod for one of my cliet (12,300 sq ft.) but need an close idea of priceing with labor/and sod per square foot. I've laid 1 pallet of sod (585 sq ft.) at few places before and charge them $360 for 1 pallet sod and labor, is that about right or am i way out of the ballpark???. They are happy with the price, but make me stratch my head figureing out if this is way to low. But i don't want to go crazy with prices. I'm guessing $1.50 per sq foot?? Please, any advice will help.
  2. J McCarter

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    motes, how much are you having to pay for a pallet of sod where you are at? Here in knoxville i can get a pallet for $90 and charge $300.00 labor on each pallet but i am picking these pallets up and delivering myself.
  3. T Money

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    i converted that to 1,366 sq yds. in this market i will install grass for $2.85 per sq yd. So that price comes out to be $3,893.10. That is just for the grass and installation. No delivery charge or if you have to do any prep work. It depends on what you can by the sod for per sq yd. I am buying it know for about $1.10 per sq yd. I hope this helps

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    I would recommend to see if the Sod Farms in your area offer sod installation.

    Then mark it up at least 100%

    I hope that helps.
  5. MOTES

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    Thank you all for responded. This really give me some better idea on numbers and if i'm on the same page. I pay $120 per pallet, that's 585 sq ft. The number i came up with for the 12000 sq ft project was about $6,200. Here's what i'm looking at, I can do the sod myself with crew and comes out to be $2400 for the sod and deliver cost plus grading of lot would be $600. So that would be the total of $3000 and make $3200 profit before paying crew (all together would be $6200). Or in the other hand I grade the lot for $600 then can have the "big dogs" come out with big rolls and lay them down for me 100% for about $3500. So that Grading and the "sodder" total cost $4200, and i can make $2000 profit in my pocket if I bid $6200. Anyone, please correct me if i should do something a litte different on price , for some resason i'm just sticking with $6200. ???? Thanks for the help and hear some more advice later.
  6. Dirt Boy

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    Around this part of the country (Nebraska), it's about .22/sq. ft. - .28 plus a $200 trip charge if they have to come very far.
  7. Elks

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    Man!!!!!! you get your sod for $1.10? I pay $1.40 a yard + delivery.
  8. green tree lawn care

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    We are at $3.50 installed

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