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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by green_thumb, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Im trying to figure out what I need to do in order to prep this area for sod. Ive searched forums and asked a couple questions but just cant find the right response.
    There used to be an above ground that was about 25' x 30' where all the sand is now. At one end the sand is probably 6"-8" thick and at the other maybe 4" thick. Does all the sand need to come out or just most of it? I'm thinking just get out as much as I can, then bring in a few yards topsoil to dress it up and till it in, roll it, grade it, etc....
    The whole area proposed to sod is about 30'x45'. About 1350sq'.
    There is an 8' section of fence that comes out for access behind where I took the pic.
    Im thinking about renting a Toro Dingo to do the prep work, then we have dump trailer to remove sand off site. Im not sure what to charge for the whole thing, start to finish. I was thinking about $2400-$2500.
    Does that sound like a fair price?
    And any other suggestions would help. Thanks!! [/ATTACH]


  2. green_thumb

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  3. green_thumb

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    add compost and till it in
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    I would remove as much sand as possible, then bring in compost and till it. I am doing the same thing next Monday. I'll remove all of the sand. Till, and drop a yard of TS on top. If you don't remove all of the sand, I think compost is better. If you remove all the sand, I prefer top soil. Sand will drain faster and that area may rerquire more water than other parts of the lawn. It may tend to drain and get dry faster. I prefer full excavation, and new soil myself.

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