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    I did a search on this but have more questions. First off how many sq. ft. will one pallet of sod cover? Second what do you charge per sq. ft. to just lay the sod, the ground is already prepared and everything, what do you cahrge per sq ft to jsut lay the pieces? And say you charge $2 per sq ft, does this price include the sod or just the labor? Thanks for any help.
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    Where I buy sod it comes 450 sqft-500 sqft depending on the type of sod. Ask your sod dealer the coverage for the sod you buy. I charge $100/pallet to throw it + the cost of the sod. Sod here is from $37-$134/pallet. If I can raise the pallet price a little I do but you have to read your customer. Also you need to consider how close the sod is to where you throw it. If you throw it in the backyard and the delivery guy can't get thru a gate you need to charge extra for wheeling it back there. I would charge a little to take down fence or tell the customer to save money and do it themselves. Usually if you tell someone there's an extra $300 charge they will make it so the pallets can be set in the area it is going to be installed. Hope this helps.
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    It all depends on the size of the job for me. Also, you have to exclude any prep work that has to be done, I never came into a sod job where I didn't have to prep first. I can't afford to lay sod for $100 per pallet, but that may be the going rate in that part of the country. Our pallets come 500sq' per, I mean if you want a rough estimate per sq' I wouldn't charge less than $.75 per sq' on a small job, more like a $1. Your part of the country may be different, I'm also laying tall fescue. Hope that helps.

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    we don't do tons of sod, we push hydro-seeding when were not forced into sod by a covanant, put any way we charge between .26-.36 cents per sq ft., and where on the high side in our area. that includes NO site prep, bluegrass sod and install, hope this helps

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