1. Pahl's Lawn & landscape

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    I have to lay about 1500 sq ft of sod and i am wondering what you guys go by for pricing. I was thinking around 1.50 a sq ft with including all prep work with laying balck dirt grading etc. Material will probably be around $500 pleases let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  2. MDLawn

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    My few sod jobs have come out to that price. However I did time + materials + profit. But it did work out that way. I think the problem you get into is not every area is wide open for work, larger areas, etc.... I had one job where no machine could be used to move products from the drive way to back yard. Moving soil and sod by hand is hard work and takes longer. So one job may workout with your 1.5 x material figure and then another one does not because of different access, etc.... I think estimating time + materials works best because every job is different. Plus I always figure PITA hours in case it looks troubling and to cover any overages in time. I give them an estimate with a description of the work and a price. I don't divide up materials and hourly rate on the estimate sheet because most people would go crazy with the hourly rate figure. But they have no clue how much it costs to run a business and think that money just goes directly in your pocket. I think the thing I learned from this site the most is you need to know what it costs to run your business, you cant just guess. Then you know how to price things out. If you don't know how long it takes to do certain work you may need to use a trial and error with the 1.5 x materials.

    This is just what I try to do.
  3. AzLawnMan

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    So whats your markup on materials? $1.50 is ok with labor but you need to mark up your materials as well. Fertilizer? gypsum? Possible sprinkler head repair? Time and travel? Now at 1500 sqft I would call my supplier, here in AZ it is Western sod, they charge me .05 cents a sqft for labor to install and they warranty the sod, I cant beat that. I buy the sod and have them install and I mark it up, didnt do a thing but collect the check. Now is the current dirt not level? I see this often with guys laying their first sod job. When you grade, and then lay your sod you will have, well a very un-even sod job. When you client goes to cut it will be so uneven they will be upset. I never grade. I add gypsum, mutlch, sod and fertilizer then I collect my check. DO NOT GRADE, your asking for trouble.

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