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    Here's the story... I had a sod job to do of approximately 4,600 square feet and I measured the property and I must have screwed up the math at some point and ordered about half a pallet too little. Not a big deal, except for the fact that I get my sod from Novasack Sod farm down in South Jersey about 1- 1 1/2 hours from the job site. So I'm calling around to local sod farms and either they were closing for the day or were still to far away for me to complete the job. So while I was at Lesco this guy told me about Brookrest sod farm. I called them up and they said they could get me a pallet if I came right up there. They are in Marlboro which is only about 40 minutes away. So I fly up there completely aware of the fact that it might be slightly different than the sod that I had already laid.

    When I get there the sod looked okay, not as good as what I got, but decent enough to finish. So I buy it for about 7 cents a square foot more than I pay for my sod. I get back to the job and my guys start laying it and they call me over and show me just how terrible it was. It was about half as thick, weedy, and if you barely pull on it it ripped to shreds. I decided that it was unusable and put it back in the truck. I called them this morning and politely told them that it was unusable in my opinion, and I would bring it back and that I would like a refund. They said no problem. I get there and they were so rude about it. A guy came out and tells me that it is good sod and that it was only a couple of bad pieces and as he jumps into my truck to show me how "good" it is it rips in his hand.

    All in all, this thread was to tell a story and to be used as a public service. Novasack Sod has some of the best sod that I have ever seen. (Two competing lawn and landscape owners, both stopped and said how amazing the sod and the job looked.) They also are very easy to deal with and are very polite to speak to. The sod that I got from Brookrest sod farm was terrible and the customer service was just as terrible if not worse. Hope this helps someone. Sorry this was so long.
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    Yes i have seen crappy sod try getting 9 pallets of it. Then trying to tell the customer why they didn't have grass when they got home that night.

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    Damn, thats rough.

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    The place i workd for always got there sod in a day or 2 befor the job then i had to water it and check it to make sure it was useable. They knew it was good when they bought it but they always checkd and double checkd everything. Thats so you can always stand behind your work. i used to spend acouple hours up on a dovetail spraying sod or plants that wernt going out till later. you should see how faded some of my shirts would get in one day from sweat and sun.
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    ive always used tuckahoe and infante they both have a great product...
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    selody sod farm in central nj

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    I've heard of Tuckahoe. Where in Central Jersey is Selody?
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    I guess I am lucky I have 5 great sod farms within 15 minutes and Johnson is 500 yards away I have Coombs,East Coast,Wide Sky,Rabbit Hill and Johnsons all within minutes away by the way Rabbit Hill is awesome 12c sq ft bluegrass picked up and 14 fescue they will spot deliver as well I have their # (609)774-4199 Abe Baker is the man Tell him that TJ from Lawns ETC told you
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    one in montgomery by princeton and one in manville/somerset area weston canal exit off of 287

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