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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by WarEagleCRL, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. WarEagleCRL

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    had 3 pallets of bermuda left over due to nightfall. Told the cust. I'd be back Mon. I came home and parked it in a shady area with shadecloth (kind of like a burlap material) over it. Been about 90 degrees lately here with no rain. Asked a couple friends that are lco's, one said it will be yellow but will come back, another said he'd left it 2 days and was yellow but came back. The first guy said no water on the pallets b/c it will cook the grass in the middle, sounds like he learned the hard way. If any grass can handle it, I would say bermuda could. What do you guys think? any chance it will be good Mon? I'm not working Sat or Sun, plans both days that I can't do anything about and no labor then anyway. Anyone left it over the weekend? What happened?
  2. WarEagleCRL

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    oh yeah, it was just cut this afternoon, very green
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    iv left blue grass for 4 days . I will yellow but it came back that was 5 years ago still looks good

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