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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by terracare, Apr 8, 2007.

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    First project of 2007 and I'm off to a horrible start. The 12 pallets arrived 2 days ago at 7am. When the driver gets done unloading, he tells me he is sorry to say that the bottom row of each pallet was frozen to the trailer (palletless sod delivery). After breaking thru my first pallet, I come to the realization that the bottom row is so badly damaged that I am going to have to cut each roll twice in the middle, removing about 1 linear foot. Not only is this is major pain in the butt but its wasting my time. Now, I am also assuming that because my delivery arrived at 7am and I was the first delivery of the day, that my order was cut the day before and sat on the truck until the morning. The first pallet came apart ok, but all of the others were very, very frozen together. Needless to say, the job didnt progress very quickly and is still not done because the temp around here has not gone above freezing.

    So here is my question. Monday will be 4 days after delivery and the weather is supposed to reach 60 degrees (the freezing temps are freakishly low for this time of year). Will the sod survive if I lay it down, or will it be a waste of my time?
  2. Tim@AcesLCLS

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    It should be alrite in my opinion I would just recommend sucking it up and laying down turfbuilder or something similar right after you put it in.
  3. sheshovel

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    I'd send it back, damage upon delivery, un-usable condition.
  4. PSUturf

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    The sod will be OK. When it sits on a pellet for a long time you have to worry about it drying out or getting too hot and starting to compost. Since it was frozen there should not be a problem after 4 days. Since some of it was damaged during unloading I would tell the supplier you want a credit for the damaged sod.
  5. ACutAboveNC

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    IT IS A HUGE PROBLEM AND SEND IT BACK. You can not let sod stay rolled up for that many days and ensure a good result. You could bite the bullet but I would not run the risk
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    It will be fine. These are the risks you take doing these things this time of year. It is not the sod company's fault. If you expect service at a time of year that is tough for these guys to work, you are going to have to accept that things may not go smooth.

    All sod is cut the day before it is shipped. It will last a long time on a pallet in near freezing conditions.

    It is not all fun and games.
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    In my experience, sod can sit for a few days. Unless it's summer time and drying out, then your screwed. Its cold enough that I would think it will be O.K. Grass is very resiliant.
  8. sheshovel

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    You guys DID read what he said about how the pallets came to him am I correct in assuming that? If not I suggest you read his post carefully.
  9. Big M LawnnSnow

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    Well when you schedule a sod job this time of the year and you knew the weather conditions were not that great your taking chances on getting frozen and damaged sod which you may not be able to install immediately.
    True they should have sent you a better grade of material but you also had an option of postponing the sod order for a couple of days until the weather was better.
    Sod should be laid down the day of delivery not 4 days later.
    Good luck with this one.
  10. vtscaper

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    Yeah dude bad timing as you know. The fact is rolled sod on a pallet is no different from mulch piles and hay barns both of which can cook in the dead of winter. However if you do see some burn it will prob only be on the inner rolls. Good luck

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