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    I have a couple questions about doing a sod job. I have done some before but it was very clear cut. Here are my questions?

    1.) The house is new and they seeded and put down straw in the backyard. This has been two months ago and the owner doesn't like his results. The grass is really not growing as well as he expected. He wants me to lay down sod. Do I have to remove all of the old grass?

    2.) Can I spray some grass killer one week... Then come back the next week and Till AND FERT before laying down the new sod?

    3.) Remove all old grass and start over?

    Any help would be great.

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    If you do kill off the old grass with Roundup or equivalent, I think you should wait for 3-4 weeks to sod after some good rain (ha). If any residual is still left in soil; it will stunt the roots of the sod. What about reseeding what is there after a good aeration? Probably Bluegrass and fescue grass? No matter what you do, results are going to depend on good irrigation every day--the worst thing is to water it then let it dry out.
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    get busy an lay sod

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    my first thought here lately is did they put seeds on topsoil or fill? if on fill i would point that out to owner and insist the correct way is to put down topsoil and make a little extra and get much better results. from a financial aspect why did they not sod it from jump?
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    If there is enough ground cover that it will make air pockets under the sod they you will have dead sod. The roots will not jump the gap from sod to soil.. You can possibly soak the sod when it is put down over the existing growth and roll it to make soil contact..Anytime you go sod over old growth you are taking a risk. Better to kill and remove old growth..or till and roll old growth..Sod must make soil contact..Leaving growing plants under it can allow old plants to keep growing and push the sod up..then you loose soil contact.

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