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    I have a customer that wants existing sod dug up and removed, and new sod to be put down in the area of the removed sod. The dimensions of the areas are:

    12' x 8'
    15' x 13'

    What is a fair price to dig up the old and replace with new?
    Other existing work will be going on at the property as well.

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. Forest Hills

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    the dem. of your area are:
    96 sq. ft
    195 sq. ft.
    you need to add these together
    291 sq. ft.
    divide 291 into 9 to get into yards! (yards is how sod is cut in)
    33 yards of sod
    For comm. jibs we charge double what the sod cost
    1.50 = 2.50 installed
    for res. yards we charge upto $3-3.50 per yard installed + prep work!
    Hope this helps

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