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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Teach123, May 21, 2011.

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    I just had an irrigation system installed this week underneath my existing sod. The company I used seemed to do a great job installing w/o tearing up my yard. However, there are a few spots that have large exposed seems and places where the roots were cut. My question is, should I treat these areas just as I did when I had new sod. Soak these areas several times a day until the roots regrow and the seems fill in?

    My neighbors are making fun of me b/c I am using a hose to water these areas. But, I really don't need to water the whole lawn and over-use my irrigation system. I also put down a light coat of starter fert. with high Phosphorus to get those roots going.

    Any other advice? I want these areas to heal!!!

  2. RigglePLC

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    The idea that phosphorus stimulates more roots is not really accepted by most universities anymore. Phos is needed to produce flowers, fruit and seed. Otherwise most grass doesn't need much.
    If you have bare areas-- regular irrigation should be just fine--excess water will not hlep. Seed would help, but then it would not match the sod, you would have light green spots. Buy a couple rolls of sod if you need to. Cut patches to fit. Use the same sod farm so it matches.
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    What kind of grass incidentally.
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    After soil settle..........usually a full season and then re seed those areas unless you are growing a warm season grass like bermuda. Creeping cool season grasses will fill in slowly so just re seed when the time is right for your temperature zone.
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    @Patriot. It's KBG. A blend of 5 different kinds I believe.

    @Riggle. Thanks for your advice. I did seed those seem areas with the same KBG seed my sod farm uses. Problem is...not a great time to seed and KBG takes an eternity to germinate. I will probably just ride this one out and replace the sod if need be in the fall.

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