SOD Rolls vs Squares???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ETPRO, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. ETPRO

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    We have laid tons and tons of pallets of squares. I don't have much experience laying rolls. I know if there are a lot of curves a couple pallets of squares to use to fill in help a lot. So anyways, without any further a do. Sod Rolls vs. Squares, Pros & Cons, GO!!!!

    p.s. if you are laying rolls, what size rolls are you laying and what are you using to lay it with? I am looking to use either a 3 point tractor connection for 42" wide rolls or my SK 750. I think the 42's would be a little heavy for the mini skid.
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    Most people I see unroll the big rolls with skid steer or the machine that's actually made for the rolls. I always get 18"x54" small rolls, tall fescue. I don't like the look of large rolls when you unroll, all smashed looking. We lay many truckloads of sod per year and always use small rolls.
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  3. ETPRO

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    I wish we could grow tall fescue in NE Texas. If I was 90 miles north it would be no problem. I love the way fescue looks and how thick it can be. There have been some more heat tolerant varieties come out that I may try on my front lawn this fall. Don't think it'll ever make it to a sod farm here though. Bermuda and zoysia will be king.

    I'll have to check on the 18" rolls. I know I can get 30 or 32" rolls.
  4. AGLA

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    Up here in the northeast sod has been sold as small palletized rolls for at least 40 years. They are typically between 9 and 10 SF each ... roughly 18" by 6', but they can vary from one farm to another. If you make the effort to pick them up a certain way every time, you can toss them onto the ground so that they roll out and keep a guy on the ground to pull them and fit them in place. I've never seen palletized squares up here.

    You can also get big rolls - 4'x62.5 (250 SF) that are on pvc tubes. The trucks up here have a "Spider" fork lift to unload the truck and have a set up to slide a bar through the pvc so that they can set the roll down and back up to unravel it .... probably the same down there.
  5. ETPRO

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    No small rolls palletized down here. Only palletized squares and rolls that are laid out by machine. There are a few different widths of rolls. I've seen them as big as 42" x 100'. I've heard of 48" rolls but haven't seen them used before. There is a 30" roll (not sure of the length) that I think would work well with our DW SK750.
  6. ETPRO

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    I have one supplier that sells 42" (40 yd road) and another one that sells 30"x112' (30 yd roll) thinking that the 30" rolls would work great in my mini skid.
  7. SRT8

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    I've never worked with squares, we only have the options of small rolls. I have always been curious as to which of the two is faster. Around here most people don't even lay their own sod on big installs, the sod suppliers will lay it for you for pennies. I honestly don't know how they even make a profit that's how cheap they are. They have never laid any sod for us, yes they are cheap but their quality also reflects their price.

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