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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by davidg32, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. davidg32

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    Hired a landscaper to install zoysia sod, and he billed us for 16,000 square feet of sod...both for the sod itself and for the labor to install it.
    Had some problems with him, and with the sod...and when another landscaper came by to look at the mess, he told me that he didn't think there was anything close to 16,000 square feet. So...after making a bunch of preliminary measurements myself, and doing some math...I hired a surveyor to come by and survey all the sodded areas.
    The sodded areas total up to 11, 221 square feet. The difference between that figure and the 16,000 square feet we were billed for is 4,779 square feet. That's a difference of 42.5 percent.
    I know that it always takes extra, for cutting in, etc. But three landscapers have pointed out that our yard is not complicated...mostly square, with one gentle curve along a driveway...and with only a couple of circles around trees. And they all three state that over 40% extra is WAY too much. (One even stated flatly that "ANY landscaper who charged you 40% extra for this yard is a thief, and was just trying to pad the bill.") They all say that, as a general rule, when they order sod for a project, they order about ten percent extra, and figure that they'll have a little of that left over.
    Does that ten percent figure sound about right? What's your take on someone charging over 40% extra?
  2. JB1

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    sounds like two people without a clue got together.
  3. Focal Point Landscapes

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    Ten percent would be more than enough.
  4. Viningsgroup

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    Ten percent extra is generally accepted as sort of an "industry standard". Sounds like this guy was just trying to pad his bill, which is criminal theft. You call the state consumer affairs office, and set up an appointment to go and file criminal charges against this crook. Landscapers like that give the rest of us a bad name.
  5. carolinacustomlawn

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    I agree with FocalPoint and Vinings...ten percent extra is enough, unless you've got lots of zig-zags to cut in. But 40% is WAY too much, and if it were me, I'd damn sure file criminal charges against that thief.
    Sorry you ran into a crooked lanscaper. Most of us are hardworking and honest, if only because a good reputation is the best kind of advertising, and is something you can't buy.
  6. instyle

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    That is why I never bill by the sq ft. I always give a total cost for the job. period. Ifthe customer says go ahead...then that is what they pay. Billing by the sq ft, will only make the homeowner think they are getting ripped off. I know what I charge for the sq ft, but that is not how I bill nor do I ever disclose that info.
  7. instyle

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    Did he give you a price to complete the job before he started? If so....that is what you should expect to pay.

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