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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Classic Lawn, Apr 4, 2005.

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    I know there are a lot of post about this subject but nothing is helping heres the deal. I have a 25'X27' area which is 675 sq/ft to tare out and install new sod. I am going to rent a sod cuter to take out the old stuff. I am going to charge 4.50 a yard to install. but have no clue what to charge to remove the old stuff its a square area no obstacles and its flat. with using the sod cutter i should to put down topsoil or should i? if i dont have to do the top soil thing i was just going to charge the same to remove the sod as it was to install the new stuff what do u guys think on that. thanks for the help.
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    Set the sod cutter just deep enough to remove the roots of the existing turf. The sod stripper should be able to do an area this size in under 15 minutes - 20 tops. Take a ramp and 6 cu ft barrow w/ you. It should all fit easily in 1 load if you have a 1 ton dump truck. Pick up 700 sq ft of sod to 725 sq ft to allow for waste. For a small job this size, I'd quote it at $1.50/sq ft. start to finish & would probably do at the end of a day w/ leftover sod from a larger job. Bid at $1050 - see what they say.

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