Sod vs. Seed

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fool32696, Mar 20, 2008.

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    In PA. pallets picked up were about 80.00 last fall.
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    We did a seed job with Pensacola Bahia, used Excelsior mat. Had water on it and did great.
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    I do hydroseed in florida first off. Bahia seed needs 85% to germinate and ALOT of water due to the sandy soils and perklation rates. The water then wahses out the seed sausing alot of spotty seeding. Avoid seeding in Florida. you can sub the job out the a sod company for $.19 per s.f. and make good money. Go down to $1500.00 pocket roughly $500.00 difference and call it a day. Don't listen to northern guys about seed. I used to hydroseed in PA COMPLETE different pricing and ballgame there.
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    stupid of the do you guys price these sod jobs? I have a small area (2000sf) that will need minimal raking and I'll bring in soil mix to top it off prior to laying the sod. I know how to cover my cost of all materials but I'm curious as to how long I should anticiapte this taking. I think I can prep in a day and lay sod the next. I know there are a million variables but just looking for something in general so flame away. Thanks.

    I should add that it will be myself with two others. Install is not my usual gig but this longtime client insists that we do it. I am also debating on subing this out.
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    What's your day rate, multiply by two days and mark up your material 35%.
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    There are a lot of good posts here and a lot of good thoughts. I would like to throw out my two cents worth.

    First, everyones ideas are good. Those who suggest selling the sod have a good point but I think they have overlooked one thing in the original question. That is the part I have highlighted.

    I always believe in giving the customer what he wants and not what will make me the most money. The exception is if what he wants is not in his best interest.

    The customer is looking for a cheaper alternative to Sod.

    The next question becomes is hydro seeding a viable alternative to sod to save the customer some money.

    I will agree totally with those who say seeding in Florida is a world of difference vs seeding in the north. Most of my hydro seeding has been in PA but I have hydro seeded in Florida, Georgia, the Caribbean and as far away as Baku Azerbaijan on the Caspian Sea south of Russia. I have seeded with Bahia, Bermuda, Centipede and most of the southern grasses.

    A decade ago Hydro Seeding was not popular in Florida. That is not the case any more. The Hydro Seeding Association is planning one of it's 4 regional meetings for Pensacola because Florida is now one of the top states for it's membership. Hydro Seeding will work in Florida. I see nothing wrong with the idea of subing out the hydro seeding and making the customer happy. The slopes won't be a problem. That is where hydro seeding began as a way to seed slopes.

    If you need help finding a good hydro seeding contractor if you visit the hydroseeding association website at and look on the top right of the home page you will find a link to locate local contractors in your area. Click that link and you will find many to choose from in your region.
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    i would rather see sod. great results, in less time. the customer sees a nice green lawn instantly, and i can make good money installing it. whoever said the crap about using it as a last resort needs to look into it better.

    if a customer wants to save money seed may not be any better alternative. think of all the care, fertilizing, weed control, watering, and overseeding it takes to get anything close to looking like sod. and if you get run off, or erosion that needs to be repaired, and if you use erosion control products that costs extra, where sod is the erosion control.
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    Seems like maybe a job for FlexTerra or some simular product.

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