Sod Web Worms!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by LGL, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. Landscape Poet

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    Give it time I am sure you will find the Florida forum is full of thinkers who share many of your same ideas. We as a whole are not a fan of running over dry lawns in March etc. and I am pretty sure that many of the applicators here are small operations that understands that IPM also stands for I PAY MATERIALS and have no issue not applying any more inputs than what are needed.

    Like I said previously, you appear to have some knowledge, and I do not think anyone seriously disagreed with you on the soap in terms of it could help resolve the issue, however rather it was your approach/bed side manner that most of us had a issue with.

    Again like I said and I believe others have said, we welcome you here and will appreciate interacting with you, as long as your head does not outgrow the page you are writing on.

    I look forward to having discussions for you. I am not a applicator on lawns so I enjoy learning as much as I can here to better understand what is going on. Everyday it seems that I learn something new so I will look forward to hearing your alternatives and different ideas.

  2. turfmd101

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    Test it yourself. It will be easy if you want to see for yourself.

    In your route travels i'm sure you have noticed somewhere, forgotten about St. Aug on some left-alone lot and the St. Aug could even be an area 10 sq ft that might not be green but big and healthy. Big thick stolons, knee high foliage. kicking ass right. make sure its real hot and if you can find some broadleaf weeds and your brave enough, treat at 2oz per / 1000 rate. follow up in 3 to 4 weeks. then find the opposite conditions of St. Aug do same treatment. see if results vary. you don't have to let me know the results. you might be surprised what you WILL find. Find out how much health plays as a factor more than the environment.
  3. LGL

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    Okay, so like I said, I'm not a PCO and just wondered if there was a fairly simple fix to pass to the customers. Didn't know if just a bag of bug b gone would do it or what. Funny though, was listening to the radio over the weekend (garden show) and the host had a caller with the same issue and he suggested the use of detergent! I got a kick out of this. Everyone has been slinging the heat since I asked this question, no need. Just needed some easy advice. There for a minute I thought we had a "My Dad can beat up your Dad situation".*trucewhiteflag**trucewhiteflag**trucewhiteflag*
  4. turfmd101

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  5. jvanvliet

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    Health always plays a factor @102f the turf is heat stressed, that's not healthy.
  6. turfmd101

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    Food for thought ; If you stay too close to the label. How do you learn what the label CAN'T tell you. Look at it like this. The manufacture could not have done testing under all variable conditions because they haven't happened yet! Hence 90 + degrees in March & April not on their label. A speed limit sign says 25mph on curves. Under certain conditions I could hit the curves at 45mph. Everyone's technique is a variable that can't be simulated.
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  7. Ric

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    It has been my experience that most Lesco store clerks are failed Landscapers. They are happy to have a job that pays peanuts so they don't have to do any real work.

    As for following labels etc. From some of thing I have seen, Lesco will sell anything to any body and never even know what a label is. The last credential I for want is Lesco Training. IMHO Lesco Training isn't any better than TG/CL.

  8. turfmd101

    turfmd101 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I know the kind to. Not me! HO no termidor, no rup. When advising "anyone"who radiates "Applicator Danger". I either try using lots O big words & science talk and stuff. So hopefully they'll hire a specialist. Now if their not gonna leave empty handed. They will get what is within their capabilities but first and foremost. I will instill in the tools it takes. "Not to screw it up". Sales are not as important as my reputation. My reputation in the industry is how I make my livelihood not my J.O.B.
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  9. turfmd101

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    As for failed landscaper. Try burnt out on guys not showing up, 2cyl in my ear (even with plugs) , someone taking my pruners, not being able to apply what was need but what was program or budget, sweat pools in my boots, the dog that wasn't there when I knocked-listened -opened gate -pulled 150ft, turn around and bam cujo. Coming full throttle. F-*#. And after extensive conversation about irrigation in the dry season he has 40% more $ weed and the heals of my boots are vacuum stuck in muck from over irritation and after he saves me from cujo. Asks. "How come my neighbor never does nothing and he doesn't have $ weed?" Thankfully the gun in my hand only shoots water droplets or the wife would be mortgaging the house! Funny thing is, when I worked there. HO's have open ears during cultural practice conversations. It made it easier for me to prep a potential customer of an applicator so he won't struggle with applications. That's how I play. Every chance! My work was for the cause!
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  10. fl-landscapes

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    Dealing with customers in this business is as important as knowing what and wear to spray. From this post and all your others I can see your not as good with people skills as you think you are with you application skills. Frankly you sound like a whining pain in the azz who should fit in well sitting behind a counter selling over priced products to Joe homeowner all day. Reading most of your posts make me want to pull my hair out of my head.....I would sick cujo on you too if you were my lawn boy. Now go spout your arrogant crap off to your dumb one here wants to hear it.
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