Sod Webworms, Grubs, Drought, ARRGGHHH!!

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by PetalsandPines, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. PetalsandPines

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    This property is the poster child for pest problems, after discovering an extensive ravaging by grubs I also noticed the moths jumping in and out of the lawn when I cut. This morning I snapped this picture.... Could this be sod webworm damage also? There are literally thousands of the moths on the property but on the other side of the building... This was a drought damaged area, no irrigation for months, reflective industrial windows next to lawn, tremendous population of grubs. I have also heard of severe chinch bug populations in the area but not confirmed at this property yet.


  2. lawnservice

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    i'll take a stab at your question (but i'll give you fair warning....every time i answer a question with a picture attached about 2 dozen others will jump in saying the opposite of my opinions) so, for what its worth.....

    the first pic seems to show some webbing which could indicate webworm.

    i'll assume you will use or already have used Dylox (trichlorfon) for the grub populations? the good news is that Dylox will also control webworm
  3. Green Dreams

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    That looks like a spider web that set up shop for a chinch bug buffet. Of course I am in SE Texas and it is a whole other world agronomically speaking.
  4. PetalsandPines

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    I applied Dylox 6.2 at the 10,000 Sq Ft/Bag rate. It was followed by a 1/2" rain fall the following day and another 1/2" rainfall the day after. This was last Thursday. Not seeing much of an effect on the little grubs yet.
  5. lawnservice

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    give it 7-10 days. looking at the calandar i see it is just about 7 days. the grubs should be starting to turn black in color. the rain fall amounts seems ideal. might need to be a bit more patient. trichlorfon (dylox) is a good product, it'll get the job done for ya
  6. philk17088

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    The webbing is the mycellium of leaf spot disease, you can see the severity of it by the melting out of the grass. Add that to the list of probelms with the lawn. ;)
  7. Mscotrid

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    If the photo was taken in the morning, I'd say that looks like Mycellium, which would lead me to believe there could Fungus activity along with a few other issues. Sod Webworm does leave that webbing. It leaves a silking webbing at it's tunnel entrance which is associated with frass, {worm sh*t
  8. KLR

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    say what?????????
  9. kcchiefs58

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    A great product for sod webworm is a product called tempo, doesnt take care of grubs though.
  10. Runner

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    For the young grubs AND sod webworms, your weapon of choice right now MAY be Carbaryl (Sevin).

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