sod webworms on most lawns now + ???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Sep 21, 2007.

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    I tried searching back posts regarding this, but nothing applied.

    For the past four weeks, I've been spreading Dylox for annual white grubworms. While treating these lawns, most had dozens or even hundreds of adult sod webworm moths. So not only grubworms were working on these lawns, but also sod webworms, plus heat/drought damage as well.........especially on lawns that have been mowed too short & in sunny areas. The moths fly out of the lawn as soon as I spread Dylox.

    Here's my question..........My land-grant University says I'm wasting my time applying Dylox when I see the adult moths. They say wait ten days after the moths appear.'s the deal. Sod webworms do not all hatch out the same day:dizzy: (duh). Seems they hatch daily and on a regular basis for weeks at a time.

    Am I wrong here or what? rscvp Thanks
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    I talked to my Lesco rep and we are fighting several different types of grubs and with Dylox only lasting seven days he said that we would be wasting out time to apply. He said it would take multiple treatments.

    I am just telling my customers to take a chance as it will probably be just as cheap to seed as to treat with Dylox several times.
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    Arena for white grubs & sod webworms-Can be used for preventitive & curative.

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