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    ok guys help me out. a new customer was upset with the last company cause his yard is patching, "dead spots". i first thought grubs and lifted a handful of sod. i found a little grayish worm and also noticed small pencil size holes all through the dead areas. after doing some online research i discovered burrowing sod webworms! ok are these a problem in ohio and if the last company was treating for regular white grubs would the treatment have let the webworms live. furthermore any suggestions on killing these boogers and when?? thanks in advance.
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    we ave had some problems with sod webworm the past couple of years. i was told the same thing by 2 different people when i asked about the sod webworm.

    both LESCO, and the ODOA,expressed to me that the repeated annual applications of grub treatment can lead to the possibility of sod webworms. although they didnt specifically say it, i think the basic point is that when you begin to pay too much attenton to one insect,or host, another one will sneak into its place. this given, is all the more reason for a proper IPM(integrated pest management).

    sod webworms are tricky for us, because we currently do not treat for them unless needed. the catch is putting down the right chemical, at the right time.

    usually, once they are spotted, the damage has already begun. in your current situation, i would suggest you not bother treating them until last week of may, early june, and then again if necessary in late july, or early august.

    chemicals to treat the sod webworm are:

    if you get into a situationwhere you can see many webworms flying about while mowing, (anytime from late june to middle of august) you will need to wait approximately two weeks before you can attempt to rid of them. the reason for this is that after those two weeks, the eggs laid by the adult will have hatched. that is the perfect time to apply the desired chemical.

    i hope this helps and good luck,

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    Remember sod webworms live in the thatch so liquid application would be most effective. If leaf is covered with pesticide worm eats leaf worm dies.

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    my Illinois pesticide applicator training manual and "Turfgrass Science and Management" textbook both suggest the drench test for sod webworm larvae. Use a 1lb. coffee container with both ends removed. Place this on the green grass at the edge of the brown spots in the turf. Hold it down tight on the ground and fill it with one gallon of water and 1 ounce of liquid dishwashing detergent. Let stand and the sod webworm larvae, if present, should float to the surface of the water. These manuals also state that two or more webworm larvae per square foot can cause significant problems.

    You also can add to the previous list of insecticides the following:

    Mach 2


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