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    got a call yesterday from a potential client that wants me to give him a quote on installing some sod in his front yard. The family went on vacation for 12 days and when they returned the grass yas dead no irrigation. There is around 4500 sg ft that needs to have new sod. What is the standard cost for installation? The home owner said he wants the cheapest price. That I don't have to remove the old sod, just throw the new over. Is this ok? He also asked about chinch bug app. do I do this before the new sod or after? How long does it take for hydro-seeding if I am saying it correctly, to start to have growth and it is ususally cheaper? Thanks for your help.
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    I am halfway between Houston and Beaumont. One of the largest sod farms in my area was charging $2.00/yd installed. I hear they may have gone up due to the drought in June increasing their water bill. That works out to them charging about $1.30 for the grass and .70 for the labor. I worked for a high profile landscape contractor in the Clear Lake area, the charged from $2.00 - $2.25, mostly wealthy clientele. What other services are you involved in? I would like to network with others in the landscape contracting business in our area.
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    whoa need to remove old amend the soil cost about .50-.85 sft for sod i have a flat rade of 2.25 a sft for sod that labor and top soil only other charge if the dump fee of roots and old sod
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    I agree that is the best advice, but will share this with you. I managed golf courses most of life, and on one occasion we had to replant all 18 greens due to a hard dry freeze in Beaumont. We put down Tifdwarf sprigs directly over the dead Tif328 sod due to limited budget. Topped the sprigs with about 1/4-1/2" sand, kept it wet til rooted. Had super greens ever since. Maybe removing the old stuff isn't as important as we always thought. Subsequent turf management seems to be the most important factor?
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    I placed a bid on a sod job. As said before 4500 sq. ft. The home is in an upscale development and the yard looks terrible. I met with the home owner and we talked about the fact that he was very unhappy with the appeal of his yard after returning from a 12 day vacation. We discussed the two options of laying sod or seeding. I priced 10 pallets of sod, the removal of the dead grass, preparation of the soil, chinch bug application and the need for him to water. $1875.00 to lay sod and $1110.00 for seeding, both with the chinch bug app. He told me that this price was way more than he thought it was to be. I called several sod companies and priced to be competitive. Was I just to high or was the home owner just tight? :dizzy:
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    I dont sod much but if thats a competitive price for your area he was just being tight.
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    you were very competitive IMO. 1100 bucks for seeding is cheap!....labor, amendments, sod cutting , dump fees...that guys a miser...he's trying to get something nice for nothing.:nono:...If he wasn't such a miser he'd have a sprinkler system too and still have a lawn! If he waits and calls you back later I'd up the bid by about 200 bucks! :dizzy:
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    well at that price your giving it away. Im laying 1515 sq for 2000.0 and hes getting a deal from me my cost is 375.0 sod 1.5hr cut old and remove no dump fee 1 hr to lay new.

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