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    I landed a sod job this spring and it is the first I've done. And Yes I checked other postings to see if this has been talked about however, I was not able to get the info I need. The yard is small (20x25) and I just want to know how to charge? Do I go by the roll? Charge by the hour? I'm thinking cost of sod plus delivery charge ($40) and of course labor around $25.00 per hour. Am I way out of line? Please if anyone knows the going rate please let me know!
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    That would be 500 sf and I would charge $450 for the install. The cost of the sod would be $88. The job would entail 56 rolls (18"x6'= 9sf).

    The charge for delivery is $105 per 4500 sf of material up to a 25 mile radius. Delivery charge is pro-rated above 4500sf and/or 25 mile radius from the farm.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am taking for granted that your sod cost is similar to mine here in California. Also, I figured on 8% sales tax.
    I always figure my price by square ft. Makes it easier to quote a price. This is assuming that the ground is easy to work and no other headaches other than delivery is involved.

    sod 56 rolls @ .30 per sq.ft $191.20
    delivery charge of $40 40.00
    8% sales tax on sod 15.26
    Total material cost 206.46

    Labor @ 25 per hour (1 man for 12hrs) 300.00

    total job cost........................506.46

    price per sq ft $1.048

    Myself, this same job in my area would run around $1.35 per square ft. for a license contractor. This would give me close to $40 per hour for labor.:)
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    Thanks Guys! That's what I was thinking too. It's just nice to get some feedback. I should have also included the customer wants me to till the whole yard first. I will be sure to include that in the cost as well. The sod farm is less than a mile from my house so I think my delivery charge will be fine. Thanks again
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    When the guys are cutting in the field they sell it for a buck a yard picked up 18"x6'
    60 bucks in materials and say 8 hours of prep work and laying the sod, that would be $250.00 and add 1/2 of that 125.00 for profit and you get $375.00 , now thats around here

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