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    I received a call from a referral today about wanting a sod job. I went and looked at the yard (residential) and the home owner has just had an irrigation system installed. The front yard is mostly st. Augustine only in the front and along both sides mostly Bermuda. The back yard is mostly Bermuda and looks bad due to weeds. There is some st. Augustine but very little. turf area 6000-8000 sq. ft. One of the home owners tells me that they want to take out all of the Bermuda and lay sod (st. Augustine). I explain that yard is mostly Bermuda and that it would be cheaper on them if they allow me to treat now with some pre and post emergent weed control with some fert and over seed in the spring with more Bermuda. He tells me that he doesn't like this type of grass and points to the weeds and would like the other type of grass (the st. Augustine) and that some one told him that all there is to do is till up ( the thing that you know goes like this) as he rotates his hand in a circular pattern, the present turf and lay new sod. I am going to talk to the other home owner tonight and see just what he expects to spend.

    My questions are

    1) Would you try to talk him into keeping the Bermuda and treating it so he can have a nice turf at a lower cost, or sell him on the re-sod?

    2) How to bid a job like this. I know the cost of the turf installed to me, but not the expense for the machine or if I asked another contractor to remove all the existing turf and till and I will do the rest.

    3) How long should this process take?

    4) if I pay another contractor and learn how much should I expect to pay?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Fore me to re-sod 6000 sq.ft with tear out, prep, sod & labor total is $4875 .... do it all in 1 day ... I'd never try n talk em into the Bermuda ..... north of dixie ya .... but not down in the southern areas .... the St. Aug altough has pest issues ... with irragation stays nice n green almost year round
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    How many guys did it take? How many hours did it take? What was the profit?
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    DO NOT TILL THE BERMUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bermuda is the 800 lb gorilla of turf grasses.. the rhizomes left from tilling will come up through every joint in the st augistine... I would ( if it is still green ) first spray with roundup or its equivilant.. wait at least 24 hrs then use a sodcutter to cut off and remove the grass. this will leave a nice smooth ever area that is already prepped and ready to lay sod on with minimal raking.

    We work with LOTS of bermuda... so if u have any questions feel free to pm me...

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