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  1. PrimeGreen Lawn

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    When placing bids for laying sod, do you give an over-all price for prep, and sod, or separate listed items? I have several sod jobs in the near future, and am not experienced enough how to price correctly. How do you do it? Some have told me $1.25/square foot includes prep, others have told less.
  2. JimLewis

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    Well, first off, it's gonna depend on how much sod costs where you are. In Oregon, we get perennial ryegrass sod for about 18-22 ยข per foot.

    We charge about $1.00 per sq. ft. to install if the ground is already level and weed free. In this case, all we really need to do is bring in some sandy loam, maybe rototil, grade, and lay sod. Pretty simple.

    If the ground is lumpy, has weeds in it, will definitely need rototilled a few times, etc. we charge closer to $1.50 per sq. ft.
    If there is existing sod and someone wants the lawn re-done, then we charge the first rate above PLUS add in the costs to rent a sod cutter, strip the existing sod, and haul it away.
  3. WatkinsLawn

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    We charge .30 to .40 per 1/m sg. ft. We charge extra for prep if there is a lot of prep to do (excavating, grading, tilling, soil amendments etc.)
    Our sod costs us .16 per sg. ft delivered. At our low rate we get .14 per sq. ft. after we pay for sod. 2 guys can easily lay 1000 s.q. ft. per hour in a worse case senerio. 1000 sq. ft. = $140.00 after the cost of sod. Thats $70.00 per man hour at our low rate.
    Somebody told you $1.25 per 1000? At our rates that would be $545.00 per man hour. ($1.25 - $00.16 = $1.09 per sq. ft.. 1000 sq. ft. at $1.09=$1090.00 divide by two man hours.)
    I don't think I could get away with asking that much in our market.
  4. WatkinsLawn

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    By the way I'm assuming we're talking about jobs in the 5000 sq. ft and up range?
  5. PAPS

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    We charge $1.00 per square foot installed NOT including prep work. Topsoil, grading etc. is extra charge that is figured in seperate. (We pay .19 per square foot delivered for kentucky blue her in NJ)
  6. longslawn

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    Sod cost about .18 - .20 per ft. here. We charge for prep work not in our sod pricing but as a seperate landscape prep charge. Then we charge .40 to lay and roll sod including sod. Sod comes 450 sq.ft. per pallet. Like Watkins said, you can eaisly lay 1000 sq.ft a hour with 2 men. Thats $110.00 per man hr. Never could get $1 a sq.ft. here either. There is also a minimun sq. footage for these rates, plus any delivery charges for sod.
  7. JML

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    geez, where in NJ are you at.. i pay about 12 cents a sq. ft in central jersey here. I charge about .42 to .44 cents a sq. ft.. some guys around here even charge .32 cents a sq. ft. its hard to compete with that.. They do horrible jobs, leaving gaps, overlapping but the customer doesn't mind because of the price. its keeps getting cheaper and cheaper down here though.. pretty soon it will be like mulching and there won't be hardly any profit..
  8. kutnkru

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    We purchase our sod accordingly:
    Less than 1000 sq.ft. $0.17 1/2 per sq.ft.
    9000+ sq.ft. $0.12 1/4 per sq.ft.

    The charge for delivery is $105 per 4500 sf of material delivered up to a 25 mile radius. Delivery charges are pro-rated above 4500sf and/or a 25 mile radius from the sod farm.

    If we do a lawn install from seed with topsoil up to 4" $0.26/sf (base price). If we sod an installation with topsoil up to 4" - $0.90/sf (base price).
  9. PAPS

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    What I meant to say in my above post is we install sod for $.55 a sq ft. NOT including prep. After prep is works out to about $1.00-$1.25 a square ft. Sorry for confusion.
  10. PrimeGreen Lawn

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    Wow! You all have been great! Thanks for all the replies and niformation. I need to print this page for my references. Thanks again so much!


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