I have gotten a range of quotes for sod for my new house, ranging from $1.15-2.25 per sq. yard (installed). One guy on the higher side was saying that anything less would be peat sod which he would never put in due to susceptability to disease, etc. Three of my neighbors have had the guy for $1.15 put theirs in and it looks pretty good to me. No one else has said it makes any difference. Any thoughts? What's a reasonable price? I'm in the Minneapolis area.


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Phil,<p>On the sod jobs that I have done, price will depend on several conditions. Does the yard have to be prepared before laying the sod ? Does any soil have to be brought in or regrading ? Whoever is doing the work should have a soil test done as well. But one of the main considearations for me would be, can I back the truck up to where the sod is to be layed, or will each piece have to be carried 50 yards around the back of the house and up stairs ?<br>I have never worked with the Peat Sod so I can't help you there, but I think your prices go from low to high. Somewhere in the middle ($1.95 per yd.sq.) is average according to my price schedule (in NJ) for purchasing and laying the sod. Hope this helps you out.<br>jeff


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We only use dirt sod have found that it holds water better, shrinks less and holds up better than peat. Down falls heavy guys move less per man, heats up faster and less per truck load. <p>----------<br>paul<br>