1. All American Lawn

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    I have a sod job to do this week,I dont know if that is good or bad this will be my first sod job. I installed the irrigation in this yard last week, and i have sprayed it twice with round up...the house is less than a year old so the ground is not real hard.Do you recomend me tilling the yard up or just knocking down the high spots and filling in the low spots with sand...As far as the bid goes a pallet of sod here is $100.00 and it covers 508sq.ft. I am going to charge the cus. $100.00 labor to install...Figuring to take two guys 1 hour per pallet...Does that sound ok??
  2. ElephantNest

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    The sod co. around here charge $15.00 per pallet to install. I can't compete. I usually charge $50-65 per pallet, depending on access. If you can get more, go for it. So I usually have the sod co. install it for me, and still make roughly $50.00/pallet for standing and pointing.


  3. SWD

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    The sod you are acquiring - is that a contractor's price?
    Regardless of how large or small of an area, two guys laying sod, than cutting it in, then cleaning up and going to the next job or home for $100 per pallet is a wonderful deal for the customer but not you. Do you have to pick up the sod or will it be delivered?
    As far as the grading is concerned, are you bringing in topsoil or sand? The turf, once installed on the soil, regardless of how nice and slick the finish grade is prepared, will settle and display the imperfections in the subgrade. Additionally, adding sand to a different soil type will result in an area different water holding capacity from the soil already there. Root zone depth, nutrient holding capacity, etc are all effected. Try to match the soil that is there to what you have to add.
  4. AGLA

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    We paid a sod company 40 cents/SF to lay sod (on top of the 25 cents for the sod). It was a matter of needing the manpower elsewhere, but it just shows the price differences in different regions.
  5. All American Lawn

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    Thanks for the input guys....SWD......sod comp. is del. the sod....price included at 100 per pallet with in 30 mile radius.
  6. Trim Creations

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    sod cost $1.35 a yrd and if there is lot of yard work I charge $4.00 a yrd if not $3.50 a yrd. I would proble run a harrow across it or (box springs). We can lay 1000 yrd in 4hours with 4 people.

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